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Be a London taxi or private lessor licensee. To apply for a new London taxi or private driving licence, please read our instructions here. The London taxi and private drivers are medically fit. Directions to the NSL Test Centre (TFL) Taxi &

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Taxi London and Private Rental TPH/204

Part of your request to become a PCO-approved cab or mini cab operator, however, will require that you take a physical examination to demonstrate your ability to travel. Your physician will ask you about your condition and check your clinical record. You will then fill out a (TPH/204) Medical Declaration Request which you will send to MfL.

NHS does not pay for the costs of this physical exam and you must pay for it yourself. There is a dedicated staff of licensed physicians who will be able to perform your Health Care Checks for a full £100 charge.

testing summary

A single UK linguistic request will apply to all private driving licence requests submitted to Transport for London (TfL) on or after 14 October 2016. These include both requests for renewals and new licenses. Trinityâs ISE I Safe English Language Test (SELT) is authorized by the Trinityâs International Association of Languages (TfL) for this specific test â all specifics and how you can take this test are described below.

It is only those examinations carried out in a RELT center that are permitted by the German Traffic Licensing Authority (TfL) for private driving license requests. The Trinity SLELT qualification is also recognised by the UKVI for UK citizenship, residence and visas. That means that the ISE I (B1) SIELT can also be used for the application:

New Twitter @TfLTPH Twitter for London Taxi and Private Hire

An all-new Twitter feature was published by Taxis and Private Hire to deliver information directly to licenced cabbies and private landlords. It will contain notices, abstracts, and important information such as the suspension of taxis, changes in license policies, and upcoming consultation.

Furthermore, we are planning to use the feedback as a means of providing real-time information during the London 2012 Games, which will highlight the starting and finishing dates of event dates that are likely to generate significant demands for taxi services and possible changes in bookings for prebooked services.

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