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Call the police and report it. Extension of the PCO license With your PCO license, you can work as a minicab operator in the City of London and have a service life of 3 years. Therefore, it is important that you make a comment about when your license is due for renewal. You will receive your renewal package from 4-6 week before the expiry date.

It is important that you adhere to these policies as part of the renewal process: Presently licenced EC/EEA licensee riders are obliged to obtain a GB equivalent when applying for re-licensing. Non-procurement of a GB equivalent before the end of the current license is not a reason for re-licensing, but the license is granted on the understanding that a GB equivalent is procured and submitted to the Technical Service Liaison Office within 3 mothers.

How soon can I get my new license? The new PCO license will be sent to you before your existing license has expired, provided there are no difficulties or difficulties with your renewal requests. If I am too late to renew my PCO license and miss the deadline, what happens? If, after the expiration of the preceding driving license, a rider applies for the renewal of his license, there is no guaranteed that a new license will be issued immediately.

Drivers may have to delay the completion of all procedures, up to and beyond the completion of a satisfying CRB (DBS) test. New licences shall take effect from their date of issue and not from the date of expiration of the previous licences or from the date of submission of the applications. Drivers who apply for a renewal of their driving licences more than three month after the previous driving licences have expired should be considered as new applicants.

As a result, the chauffeur must receive a new physical check-up and await all necessary controls before a driving license can be granted. Drivers who apply for an extension after their driving licences have expired must be made aware that they are no longer authorised and cannot work until a new driving licence expires.

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