Taxi Badge without Knowledge test

Taxibadge without knowledge test

Taxicab driver knowledge tests | Person checks Staff screening provides a set of electronically based drivers' knowledge and basic skills assessments that enable regulatory agencies to quickly and simply evaluate a driver's eligibility for a Hackney Carriage/Private Hire Licence. Improve accuracy and spare yourself e-skills experience....

. This system will generate randomly generated testing from a number of pre-installed quizzes and we can also help you enter your own custom quizzes.

Taxicab licencing

Every individual wishing to work as a hackney carriage drivers, private hire drivers, horses omnibuses or paedicab drivers is legally obliged to have a taxi driving license and a taxi driving license granted by Sefton Council. There is a volume limitation for our Hackney carrier cars. To own a taxi car, you must buy a taxi and a dish from an actual cardholder.

When you apply as a new Sefton Taxi Driver, you need to call 0345 140 0845 to make an appointment visiting a Sefton One Stop Shop. You can make all following calls to a One Stop Shop without making an appointment. Please note that the One Stop Shop is not open for business. Candidates must be at a Sefton One Stop Shop with:

Sefton's licensee Hackney Carriage Vehicles licensee detail (license plates and address) you wish to use. Candidates are no longer obliged to produce their own coloured photo. Fleet Inspection Norms are contained in the Fleet Requirements documentation. In order to request a new license, candidates must visit and specify the Sefton One Stop Shop:

Once your request is approved and your money has been paid, the license plate and license plate will be displayed. Once you have received your extension request, fill out the attached request document and enclose it with the above documents (for a new license) - either a check or the One Stop Shop Transfer Kit receipts - in an envelop provided at the Bootle One Stop Shop Front Office, 324 Stanley Road, Bootle, L20 3ET (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).

They will be informed when the updated license plate numbers and signs are available for pick-up. It is also necessary to give back your old in-house and outside license plate numbers when picking up your new license number. The Sefton Council requires all equestrian or Pedicab buses to be legally authorised by Sefton Council to operate or rent on approved itineraries.

In order to request a new license, the applicant must call the Sefton Council on 0345 140 0845 and inform us that you wish to request a license. Taxi licensing will then get in touch with you to make an arrangement for your car to be examined by a skilled inspector.

As soon as your car has successfully completed the service, you have to produce: When all the above points are in order, you will receive a driver's license. Anyone wishing to request or receive reservations for personal rentals from an Sefton location is legally obliged to have a Sefton Council license.

In order to request a new license, candidates must have a Sefton One Stop Shop with them: License fees (which varies according to the number of cars you wish to use at the same time). When your resume is completed successfully and the name you wish to use does not look like any other, you will receive a license and a copy of the terms and condition of the Rental Firm.

They are obliged to keep a record of each trip and are accountable for the completion of the itinerary. It is only possible for us to grant a license for privately owned rental companies if the facilities from which you wish to work are located within the Sefton area. As soon as the planning approval has been received for a site in Sefton, the charge to be paid will depend on the number of vessels to be used.

Applications may be submitted by a single or five-year term. We need from the inquirers before issuing a license: Take a Disclosure and Restriction Service exam; go through a DVLA Records Referral procedure; successfully complete the Manual-based Knowledge Test (not necessary for equestrian bus or foot cab drivers ) Knowledge test can only be taken 4 week after first registration; successfully complete a competency test of the BC with equestrian transport vehicle (equestrian bus only); if your request is accepted, you will be charged a royalty.

The length and nature of the license varies. The Sefton Council has a limited number of Hackney Carriage Licences (271), all of which are currently issued. Council keeps a waitlist for those who want a license if it becomes available. A license can be applied for at either Bootle or Southport One Stop Shop.

It may take several years for a license to become available. According to the latest Council's Terms and Condition Manual, a rental car owner, once he has found a real estate in his car, should bring it to a police station or give it back to the front seat driver within 48hrs. As of September 2015, the Merseyside policy will no longer take on items that have been dropped on a routine basis, and it is now the duty of landlords to handle requests for items that have been dropped in cars.

When you have owned a privately rented car, you should turn to the owner as soon as possible. When you have stopped a taxi on the road or used a ranked car, it may not be possible to track the hackney car you are driving without either logging the car or the driver's name.

In case the car has already been pre-ordered, you should get in touch with the firm or owner through whom you made the reservation as soon as possible. Council adopted Section 165 of the Equality Act which makes it an offense for named car owners to deny the carriage of a person in a wheelchair unless that person has a special derogation.

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