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New Jersey, unlike some states, does not offer a nationwide taxicab license. Board approves single architect, not companies or groups. Board approves single architect, not companies or groups. In order to obtain information about an single licence holder, the Board of Directors has provided an on-line utility that allows you to perform searches by name, town, country and/or licence number. Information may be changed when the licence update is made.

Allegations and discipline rulings taking effect on or after 1 January 2010 will be notified to the relevant licencees.

For allegations and discipline rulings before 1 January 2010, please refer to the Board. Please refer to the board for the latest licensing information. In your inquiry, please state the name(s) and any other information about the person. Note that information publicly available is limited to licence number, name, data set location, date of licensing and expiry, and enforceability and discipline.

Also, if you would like to receive available information about the execution process of a license holder or non-licensed individual, please add this information to your e-mail.

Getting a taxi cabin license in New Jersey

New Jersey, unlike some states, does not offer a nationwide taxi cab licence. Taxiicab holders must obtain a licence from the local authority or authority of their place of establishment. New Jersey Real Time News reports that a taxi rider can collect clients from their own cities and have a cross-border endpoint.

It is, however, unlawful to collect and transfer a client in another town where you do not have a licence. Every municipality has its own regulations for cab driver licences, but all processes must conform to the regulations laid down by the State. Please apply to the administrative officer's local offices in your town or municipality and apply for a taxilience.

Fill out the request with your name and address, and the name and address of your business. Indicate the make, type and year of each car in your Fleet, in additional to the number plates and series numbers of the car, colour and number of passengers. Plan an inspectorate with your district law enforcement agency, but first ask your district secretary's bureau if a taxi permit will require an inspectorate.

Municipalities such as Fairfield, New Jersey, need an on-site service with the appropriate law enforcement authorities to certify that your car is eligible for registration. Enclose a copy of the audit endorsement with your request. Get a copy of your own driver's data from your car dealer. The majority of cities demand that you have a clear driver's experience and have never been found to violate Title 39 of New Jersey's Motor Vehicles and Traffic Regulations.

When you have a police report, some towns need a copy of your warrant with the request. Penal records will not stop you from receiving a taxi-licence, but the municipality will investigate your situation and make a decision accordingly. Attach a cheque or payment order for the royalty and send your request by post or in person to your district secretary's offices.

Taxis licence charges differ from town to town. Taxis in some towns, such as Morristown, New Jersey, are only US$250 per year as of May 2011. From May 2011, in major towns such as New Brunswick, a licence can be up to $80,000 per year.

Certain towns levy a lump sum to licence a full pool of cars, while other towns, such as Wayne, New Jersey, levy a licence royalty on each one. View a copy of your licence in each of your corporate fleets cars. New Jersey Car Registration Number 13 requires all taxi operators to provide a copy of their approval letters or licenses from the locality where the car is used.

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