Nr de Taxi Bucuresti

No. de Taxi Bucuresti

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Airport Bucharest Taxi and Shuttle Transfer Services

All of our can be combined to produce a customized service for your company. Bucharest offers the best rates for airport transfers and taxi rides. Our FIXED DISCOUNTS give you an idea of the precise costs of the transfers right from the beginning. Booking your transfers in advance, there is no need to waste all your attention phoning taxi at the last moment, we are online.

WiFi free in-car WiFi, Meet and Great Service, per vehicle not per person, 24/7 phone time. All costs from the beginning, all our rates are all-inclusive. Pay online or credit cards . Easy, safe payments, anytime, anywhere with a safe 3-D payments system. We accepts VISA, Mastercard, American Express .

It is possible to make payments by bank cards or money directly to the driver, all our vehicles have an electric system installed. Over 60% of our work is company-owned, so if you book a personal shuttle for other persons you don't have to bother about, we provide the top level personal transportation you' d like, we' ll be glad to provide you with a weekly invoice or acceptance giro on our airport transfers in Bucharest.

Airport Transfer Bucuresti Premium

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