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Time Warner Cable's customer records are disclosed by data leaks from third parties. Around four million datasets containing the Time Warner Cable (TWC) customers' private information were saved on an Amazon without a user ID at the end of last month. 2,000,000 of these datasets were saved on an Amazon without a user ID. More than 600 GB of file sizes were detected on 24 August by the Kromtech Security Center while its investigators investigated an independent violation of World Wrestling Entertainment information.

Finally, two Amazon S3 pails were found and connected to BroadSoft, a worldwide communications firm working with AT&T and TWCs. All TWC datasets did not contain information on individual clients. There were some that had duplicate information, which means that the violation ended up exposing less than four million people. Leaky information includes user names, email address, MAC address, machine serial number, and information about transactions - although it does not appear that any social security numbers or credential information have been disclosed.

The Time Warner Cable was bought last year by Charter Communications and is now known as Spectrum, although the expired recordings from that year go back to at least 2010. Others disclosed invoice address, telephone number and other contacts for at least 100,000 TWC customers. Server also included a number of corporate internals, such as SQL data base mumps, intern email, and source codes, which included login information for an unfamiliar number of remote machines....

However, Kromtech has not attempted to gain or verify any of the password-protected information so that the content of other potentially compromised server systems may remain undisclosed. A CCTV film material, presumably from BroadSoft's employees in Bengaluru, India - where the violation is thought to have its origin - was also found on the Amazon container. The release of the violation, which Kromtech reported on its website on Friday, was postponed, allowing BroadSoft to warn its clients in private.

An earlier newshead line on this item identifies the victim of this violation as a "Time Warner" customer. You' re Time Warner Cable subscription.

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