Leasing Plan

lease plan

With our experts, you can plan your strategic roadmap to achieve results. The Alaska Region Leasing and Plans Program Office consists of two sections: The reason why you need MLPs: There are no resource management plans. MLP (Master Leasing Plan) is a new Bureau of Land Management (BLM) initiative to manage activities in vulnerable areas within its area of responsibility. Strong commitment to the general population and other interest groups, develop broad policies to address conflict potentials. Closure of areas for letting and use of "no-surface occupancy" and other specifications, phase leasing/development, closed-loop well.

A RMP applies to such a large area that it does not take into consideration many of the site-specific features that could make one area more vulnerable to rental disputes than another. Analyses a much smaller area than an overall branch of MLM and the associated RMP - usually where there are clear clashes between wells and interests such as livestock, agriculture, recovery and those living in the MLP area.

Removes certain areas from the lease. Ability to control leasing and engineering through the use of best practice techniques and resources conservation techniques, as well as limiting permissible surfacing defects in the MLP area. Rental agreements that are not developed will expire 10 years after their initial date of sale and will no longer be available for re-letting.

Ability to develop phase driven approach to design. As a result, progression can be slow and controllable. Troubleshooting can be done before further issues arise. Further wells can only be drilled once older well locations and the associated infrastructures have been duly restored. Force BRM to take a close look before making leasing decision.

In southwestern Colorado, for example, properties have been suggested for lease that actually overlap in a small skiing area. Whilst leasing under the RMP was legal, MLP would probably not have taken this into account, as a closer look at the cards would have revealed apparent leisure and security issues with drill equipment in a skiing area.

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