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Wellington helicopter rental

Helicopters offers a wide range of sightseeing flights and commercial services. Auckland, New Zealand adventure and panoramic helicopter flights. If you charter your own helicopter to fly anywhere in New Zealand, you have the advantage of being in control.

Helicopter Wellington

Situated on Wellington's shores, Wellington Helicopters provides an array of business amenities and sightseeing tours, including tours of, over and around the Wellington area, as well as a midday break to the breathtaking Marlborough Sounds. Several of our beloved Wellington panoramic helicopter tours include: Springington Cityscenic - $120 per capita9 minutes by air - A brief and exciting ride from the centre of our capitol.

See the Wellington countryside with a bird's eye perspective. The Heli Harbour Airport Harbour Experience - $199 per capita15 minutes by air - Escape the centre of town to discover the limits of Wellington Harbour. Take a stroll over the surrounding area, a region of great natural beauty that was hit by a severe 1855 quake. Thirty minutes by air - Discover Wellington's ports, coasts and attractions.

Past the country nearest the southern island on the fringes of the craggy Cook Strait, Ohau Point. Southern Coast Discovery - $299 per capita25 minutes by air - Discover what is behind Wellington City. Head westward to the Makara wind farm before heading southwards to see the savage southern coastline where seals colonise the jagged banks.

The Karori Rock Lighthouse seems to be a stagnant testimony to the danger of the Cook Strait. These helicopter transfer flights offer breathtaking vistas of the Wellington area, the Cook Strait coast and much more. Go on a helicopter trip to explore world-class food, breathtaking countryside, adventures, romance and a feeling of recreation you can only imagine.

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Helicopter fleet

PHL has over 20 years aerospace expertise and you can rely on us to provide secure, dependable and expert helicopter service throughout New Zealand. Hubschrauber are available in a variety of forms and dimensions, and each model has its own pros and cons to accomplish a particular air mission. Some of the key issues influencing the choice of one engine over another are costs, lift power, sound levels, occupant size and operating distance.

Sometimes other things such as the land area dimensions and area may also influence the pick. PHL is able to provide a large selection with unmatched accessibility throughout the country. We' ll be happy to talk to you about the best selection of planes, crews and other assets available within the organization to help you meet your goals.

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