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Only award-winning car service. We offer professional taxi service throughout the Los Angeles region, including taxi service to Hawthorne and other cities in the region. Download Downey Taxi, Taxi Taxi Taxi Service Downey From Downey our experienced and independant chauffeurs are able to bring you safe, fast and uncomplicated to, from and around Downey. We have a highly experienced driver crew known for carrying people throughout the Los Angeles region, both to and from local highways. When you need transport service, just call us on your mobile or go to our website for more information.

Our helpful chauffeurs will take you wherever you need to go with punctual and expert taxi service. The Downey story is one of a kind, full of interesting personalities and people. The Downey is known to be the place where the Apollo Space Program began. Downey has the oldest McDonaldstaurant for gourmets and the location of the first Taco Bell.

Situated near LA Downey town centre, Downey provides simple entry to the city's many comforts. If you benefit from our premium transport facilities, you can unwind and really take in the many comforts of the lovely and distinctive Downey town. Downey is an excellent base from which to explore LA and its many comforts.

However there are still many marvelous things to do just in Downey including: Downey is excited to provide a broad range of park and leisure facilities throughout the town. Swim and have lots of aquatic enjoyment at the Downey Community Aquatic Center, or take a leisurely walk or fish in Wilderness Park.

The Columbia Memorial Room Centre - The Columbia Memorial Room Centre is devoted to the preservation of Downey's aviation and astronautics heritage and provides a comprehensive study of astronautics, from the Apollo capsule to the orbiter of the orbiter. Columbia Memorial space is also the only Los Angeles based spacecraft study centre devoted to practical robot skills, ideal for an entertaining afternoons!

The Downey Civic Theatre - The Civic Theatre is proud to provide a broad array of performance art and entertainment to the Downey Fellowship. Spend an evenings with the Downey Symphony or relive the art and suspense of the Dia de Los Muertos Art Festivals. However, if you have specific transport needs, such as providing transit assistance or transport for a large group, we can still house you!

Just call us to get more information about specific transport needs. With our world-class international airports service, your air port-travel adventure can be a breeze. It is possible to depart at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport), Long Beach or any other local airports.

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