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For all international travel a passport is required. International travel is therefore no longer limited to the rich. If you are traveling outside the United States, make sure you have all the necessary travel documents. For all international travel a passport is required.

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Internacional Travel | Frontier Airlines

In addition, our flights provide a choice. International travel is subject to extra charges for airports, transport, embarkation, safety and passengers taxes/surcharges levied by the state and may vary according to final destinations. In the case of outward and round trips from some destinations, the price does not take into account the tax on airports and/or departures that may be levied by the overseas state. You will need to provide all the necessary documentation for your outward and inward flights.

For more information on documentation requests, see Travel Gov. Passes are not a replacement for passports on international flights. Do not accept them as proof of check-in for an international ticket. It can be acceptable for check-in on a home trip as it is a government-issued ID card.

You must present your nationality and identification when checking in for international flights - that's the rule. More information can be found on the U.S. National Passsport Information Center or U.S. Customs and Border Protection web sites. Please consult the embassy of that particular state for information on travel document immigration regulations, as well as visas for other states.

It is possible to check your travel papers and passports several times, so we advise you to keep them with you throughout your trip. When you are a foreign national and travel to the United States, we suggest that you check with your local U.S. embassy or consulate for the most up-to-date travel documentary information.

All our flights can be screened on-line within 45 to 24 working days of your flight start date. For international flights, you and your luggage must be boarded at least one flight-hour prior to your flight depart. It is strongly recommended to arrive at the airports 2-3 hrs early, during the busy travel periods, especially during public holiday periods.

To help you, certain ticketing offices are opened early, for more information see Travel advice. Frontier's international regulations for hold and hand luggage are largely identical for home travel in terms of free luggage allowances, sizes and weights. Please note, however, that luggage registered to or from Canada is limited to a total of 70 pounds.

Find out more about our luggage specifications on our luggage page. When you arrive in the United States with border flights, you must first clear customs, pick up your luggage, and then re-check your luggage to its point of use. Frontier's luggage policy only applies to travel at the border.

When you fly on or from another airline's international flights, the luggage charge and clearance of the other carrier may be applicable in accordance with DOT rules. On the website of the other carrier you will find the guidelines for luggage. When you fly to Frontier from another airline's international flights and that carrier has not posted your luggage to the ultimate border location, the airline's free luggage allowance and fee/duties are applicable when you register with Frontier.

From Frontier, if you fly to another carrier and we were not able to inspect your luggage to its ultimate destinations, the other carrier may levy charges. While we always try to inspect your pockets up to the point of arrival, sometimes it is simply not possible, subject to our arrangements with the other carrier, the length of stay, etc., to ensure that the luggage is in its original condition.

When you take off on a border crossing and connect to another airline's international service, Frontier will redeem the free luggage charges of the other carriers and charge all charges payable for hold and hold luggage as determined by the other carrier. In most cases, if you are flying from another local carrier to an international carrier of Frontier, Frontier's excess allowance and charges for hold and hold luggage should be levied by the other carrier.

Non-accompanied children may travel on any non-stop border crossing except international flights. Please see our small page for our guidelines for small travel. Children travelling with a parental or a person other than their parentage must have correct records. When the underage infant travels with one parental, the travelling parental must have this:

An English language approval document that has been duly completed and listed by the non-travelling parents: The accompanying spouse must have separate or separate legal guardianship if the spouse is separate or is divorced and shares legal guardianship of the child: An English language approval document that has been duly completed and listed by the non-travelling parents:

In the event that the parent who accompanies the children has exclusive rights of care, he or she must make this available: Underage children travelling with a guardian or adopted father or mother must be accompanied by a family: the children must be accompanied by a family: the children must be accompanied by their children: Every underage person must present their own passport for international travel. Please click here for more information about children travelling to Canada.

Travellers between the age of 15 and 18 years travelling to or from Canada are deemed to be children by Canada rules. Travel with a different individual than their father, mother or guardian: Adults who are not the children's parental or custodial representatives must have received prior parental or custodial consent to travel with the children.

Travellers between the ages of 15 and 18 travelling to/from Canada are deemed to be minor by Canadians. If you are an individual travelling alone as an adult, a travel authorization must be endorsed by a parent or both. Travel visa may be needed to travel to and from some jurisdictions based on your nationality.

Find out more about travel visa under Travel Gov. International travellers from the Visa Waiver Program to the USA can now request a travel permit on-line via the electronic travel permit system. It is recommended that you consult your doctor or inspect your medical record to make sure your vaccinations (e.g. teetanus and polio) are up to date before you travel the world.

You can find more information on vaccinations for travel abroad under Travel Gov. Some travel destinations need evidence of your intention to travel or not. Evidence of your journey back or forth will include a flight back home fare, a coach fare, a crusade fare - something that shows you want to get out of the state.

You may be willing to show your certificate of intent to travel back or forward to your travel agent, or you may need to buy a flight fare at the Costa Rican International Airports before departing for Costa Rica. As soon as you have your flight card and your luggage, go to the safety check area.

Ticketing and confirmation of ticketing (e.g. schedules or travel agency documents) will not be processed at these check-points. Kids under the age of 17 and single travellers require one of the following: Please note: If you encounter incoming travellers, you should allow sufficient travel to obtain a boarding passes and cross the safety check point to reach the aircraft.

If you are taking another plane within the restricted areas of an international destination, you do not need to recheck at the ticketing desk. Passengers can register for their flights at the connection gates. Transportation Securities Administration (TSA) is implementing the Safe Aviation Programme to increase the safety of national and international business aviation by using an enhanced observation checklist to detect known and suspicious terrorist threats.

Read the TSA Hand Luggage Guidelines. DHS has introduced Secure Flight, a programme designed to create a unified observation checklist to be cross-checked by the Transportation Securities Administration (TSA). Secure Flight will increase flight safety and make travel simpler for travelers by setting up a unified observation log comparison system.

When you purchase a travel with us you must give the following information: The information you have provided is sent to the TSA, which compares it with terrorists' observation schedules. Please be aware that embarkation cards do not always show the precise information you provided when you booked your trip.

If you are travelling, this has no effect on you. Your name when you book your trip is used to compare the observation lists before a crew member card is ever made out. Which advantages does a safe flying have? It makes travel smarter by better identification of people who may represent a known or perceived air transport security risk.

In addition, by setting up a system for comparing observation schedules, it will help to ensure that there is no misinterpretation of persons with similar identities to those on observation schedules. Finally, Secure Flight provides an enhanced appeals procedure so that those who have been inadvertently checked against the observation schedules can eliminate issues in the near-term.

For more information about Secure Flight, please go to People who believe they have been falsely assigned a name on the watch lists are asked to remedy the situation through the Department of Homeland Security Traveler Redress Inquiry Program (DHS TRIP). The Secure Flight uses the results of the appeal procedure in its checklist reconciliation procedure to prevent misinterpretation in the event of a passenger having a name similar to a person on the watchlist.

Further information on the appeal procedure can be found at Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requests that you give your full name, date of Birth and sex for review of the Observation Lists under the supervision of 49 U.S.C. Section 114, the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 and 49 C.F.R. Parts 1540 and 1560.

To learn more about the TSA's data protection policy or to check the system of record keeping and data protection impact assessments, please go to

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