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Fare Schedule Jet Airways

List all Jet Airways flights in India and their schedule & fare. As of August 2016, Jet Airways will be introducing fare choices.

As we already know about JetPrivilege, Jet Airways, India's largest full-service operator, will introduce a new fare sales methodology, which will design the equipment provided by the operator to the passengers in accordance with the fare they pay. For example, you will be able to purchase a very limited fare that does not allow you to enter the lounges, even if you are Platinum, as opposed to purchasing a much more costly fare that should allow you to modify it as your schedule changes.

Thus, all tariffs will be classed from 17 August 2016, even if you book them before this date: Economy Deal (W, O fare categories + already published Classes B): Receive free meal & luggage fees and 25% mileage. You cannot update or return these ticket even if you are an Elite.

Not even elite travelers in India will be provided with Lounge Access, nor will elite surplus luggage be provided. Economy-save (V, B fare classes): You' ll get your meal and free luggage, and 50% inland mileage. Ticket can be updated with miles/vouchers, but not reimbursed (only for traveling members).

Elite and Lounge Access overweight. Receive 75% mileage when you go abroad. Economical Classic (K, S, Q, L, L, N fare classes): Except for meal times and free luggage, you earn 75% domestic and 100% international mileage. Extra Luggage & Lounge Access for Elite.

economy flex (U, T, M, Y fare classes): Excluding meal and luggage, 125% mile for home travel and 150% mile for international travel. First Saver ( tariff class I ): It is not possible to purchase or return First Class complimentary travelers. You will receive 125% points for travel within the country and 150% points for international travel on these ticket.

Everybody has lounging area. Classic Premiere (I fare classes): You can exchange or reimburse these ticket for a charge and receive 150% points for travel within the country and 200% points for travel abroad. Prime Flex (Z, J, C tariff classes): Exchanges and rebates of these fares are free, 175% points for home travel and 250% for international travel.

For First Class (A,F fare classes): 300% miles on First Class bookings, plus full refund and cancellation. This is a concise map that Jet Airways issues to show how fare choices work as a simple reference: The changes will allow Jet Airways to enter the aircraft markets, where carriers that do not offer aircraft will impose price headlines, and attract passengers into Jet Airways folding, while due to low fare they may consider only one Indigo or SpiceJet before.

The real change is that the elite treatments receive when they are booking these very low rates. Currently, I have some Jet Airways travel routes scheduled in Class A and Class L after the transfer date, and I would be happy to see and share this in effect.

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