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Aircraft Jet Airways Purchasing Issue - Air Travel Forum Hi; I have just tried to buy a home trip to India on the Jet Airways India website and got an immediate debit note immediately after the payment. Since I have an e-mail alert of all my transaction on my debit cards, I have been sent one stating that the sale has been approved, but no acknowledgement of the tickets.

Jet twice and the first was said that the reservation had not gone through and that I should continue and try again. For the second consecutive week I was asked to hold off as it can take 2 hrs to create a ticket even though I received an errormessage. Use Firefox instead of Chrome next year.

And I know I can pay the cc fee, but like most bookers, I only want the air. "Many thanks for using our online reservation service. We' re sorry that your reservation on Passenger Boarding was not successful. In the course of this procedure, an amount of 40,106 INR was frozen on your card/account with the approval of your banking institution.

However, since the reservation was not successful, we have refunded the amount to your credit card/account and the amount will be cleared by your local banking institution within 7 business working days. Please contact us for details. With the India site I went because my Google flight quest was focused on it and seemed to work well. In order to complete the circle for those who might be in a similar predicament in the near term - same ticket on the Canada website purchased no trouble, e-ticket verification within a min.

Might be a monetary thing, since the ticket class was the same as what I was trying to buy. There is a very useful step-by-step buy procedure for successfully completing the Goa Goal Form.

I' ll be remembering for next year.

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