Jet Airliner


I'm going on with this big old jet plane. The Steve Miller Band Jet Airliner. Text and video for the song "Jet Airliner" by Steve Miller Band.

Airliner (Steve Miller Band Song)

"The " Jet Airliner " is a tune written by Paul Pena in 1973 and popularised by the Steve Miller Band in 1977. However, New Train wasn't published until 2000[1] due to conflict between him and his label[2]. In classical music Miller' s "Jet Airliner" is generally performed together with "Threshold", the all-synthesizer instruments that precede it on the Book of Dreams and the Greatest Hits 1974-78 album.

Miller' s individual cut contains a cut-off copy of the guitars intro. What is this? Also, a line in the text of the track was modified for the audio drama; instead of "not wanting to get involved in this funny crap that goes on in town", it was modified to "funny kicks".

Although the full length versions of the albums were used for later editions of the collection, the singles editing was recorded on the 1974-78 Greatest Hits versions.

The Steve Miller Band - Jet Airliner Lyrics

In 1977 the track "Jet Airliner" was first published on the Book of Dreams for the first time. Paul Pena, who never had much popularity as a solo-artist, was a great source of great inspirations for Steve Miller, The Grateful Dead and the entire San Francisco world. Because of a contractual quarrel Pena could not publish the track alone, so Pena's manufacturer Ben Sidran (keyboarder of the Steve Miller Band) convinced the Steve Miller Band to take it instead.

Therefore the tune refers to Pena's place of birth, the "New England Town" of Hyannis, instead of Miller's place of birth, Wisconsin. Steve's hand turns it into a track about Steve taking a jet plane after he had the chance to make his first one.

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