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Checking in at Jet Airways: Domestic Jet Airways Domestic Single Package Travel for Check-in Luggage as of 15 July NEU DELHI: From 15 July, domestic flight services will be converted to the "piece concept" for check-in luggage, in which the permitted 15 kg of free check-in material must be transported in a pouch of economic travel. Up to 30 kg for air travelers of businessclass in two pockets. A certain number of suitcases/bags with a certain amount of luggage per pocket.

Now Jet Airways only allows 1 check-in day on domestic services.

You will only be permitted to take one piece of check-in luggage with you after 15 July as the carrier has reviewed its policies to comply with a payment-based check-in luggage guideline. According to the amended regulations, an Economical Line ticket holder can only give one pouch of 15 kg or less.

In the meantime, a first category customer may take two free check-in pockets of a maximum of 15 kg each. It is the first in India to have introduced a restriction on the number of check-in bag holders. Said the carrier that jet platinum cardholders traveling in business classes could also wear two pockets weighing a maximum of 15 kg.

The carrier has not, however, established clear regulations in the event that a traveller should bring more luggage. Currently, a charge is only levied for overweight. It does not cover reservations made before June 14th and the date of departure before July 15th, which specify Jet Airlines regulations on their website. "Visitors with reservations on or after June 15, 2018 for trips on or before July 14, 2018 are eligible for free luggage according to 15 kg for Economy trips and 30 kg for Première trips," the carrier said.

"Visitors who have booked until 14 June 2018 are eligible for free luggage according to their 15 kg for Economy and 30 kg for Première", it says. It also said that the limit on the number of check-in pockets on foreign departures had been in effect for about a year.

Although this is a premiere for an India carrier, several major global operators already have limitations on the number of check-in pockets. In the opinion of the air companies, a smaller number of pockets leads to a shorter processing period of the airplane. In addition, a smaller number of pockets also allows air companies to monetarise the free capacity for additional freight.

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