Top Private Jet Companies in the World

The best private jet companies in the world

Jet; * Skymax - Small Planet Airlines - Swift Air - Titan Airways - Travel Service - Vision Air International - World Atlantic Airlines - XOJET - Xtra Airways. North Kentucky-based company says it will "make luxury travel affordable. We are among the top five percent of the world's charter companies in terms of platinum. You can buy anything with money, except, of course, a lifetime.

You could save your company thousands of dollars in travel expenses.

The top 5 private jet member clubs in the world

There are several factors that make commercial air travel increasingly attractive. To begin with, it will play an important roll for an individual and a group of companies to commuter through the United States in a way that is much more comfortable and cost-effective. These two factors alone have boosted the need for more commercial air transport service, and with them the commercial advantages of such a burgeoning sector.

According to the National Aviation Fact Book, "3 per cent of the approximately 15,000 corporate jets recorded in the USA are operated by Fortune 500 companies...". A lot of non-aircraft passengers may not know that air travel has a longer range at airfields all over the state. There are ten airports in the United States that this sector has at its disposal, with the possibility of using 5,000 more amenities than airline companies.

It is the ideal sector for companies that have staff who frequently travels, or for companies that need their customers to fly in to their facilities to pay a call. For so many corporate aircraft that fly to and from small and large towns, why don't more companies use this type of services?

Our goal is to provide intelligent travelling businesses that help make your organisation more profitable while reducing your travelling time. Below is a listing of some of the most beloved private jet club's used by many companies today: Wheels Up was formed by Marquis Jet co-founder Kenny Dichter and was introduced in 2013 as a membership-based pay-as-you-go chart.

Only 24 hour reservation period allows private charter flights at a set per hour price of $3,950 with an initial charge of $17,500 and an initial $8,500 a year. Wheels Up members can select from a total of 54 Beechcraft King Air 350i turbo-prop fleets and 15 mid-size Citation aircraft.

But not everyone knows that they also have a nurse who offers charter flights with jet tickets recently presented to their SkyMiles members. Since 1984 Delta Private Jet has been operating in commercial air travel. Delta's ability to transfer some of its SkyMiles regular clients to its private affiliate is a great market opportunity that will attract more interest to your organisation and put you on the top private jet club rankings in the world.

In order to operate with Delta Private Jets, SkyMiles members must be 2. Here you must reserve 10 lessons in advanced and have a total of 70 aircraft at your disposal. XOJET is the biggest private on-demand travel agency for corporate travellers in the United States and is primarily used for charter travel to world-famous venues such as the Super Bowl, The Masters and Art Basel.

This private jet is unique in that you have the option of renting a seating or the whole jet. Your services offer up to 1,300 aircraft in various classes to your customers. Select from a range of medium-sized Challenger 300s and Citation x aircraft. XOJET members can earn a $200,000 bond at a $8,500 per hour set price by booking a 12-hour lead time flight with the help of a 24/7 Aviation Advisor.

U2 Jet is another fairly new private jet engine association that has started into commercial jetting. In 2015, this enterprise brought its motors onto the market and did not look back! Well-known for its luxurious services, U2 Jet also makes luxurious travel accessible by giving members the option of either purchasing one of their aircraft or purchasing a jet pass.

Using U2 jet aircraft, members can benefit from the excellent high-end facilities and convenient bed linens with neat bed linens. In order to embark on these departures, you must make a reservation at least 4hrs in advance. A lot of companies are willing to give a bonus only for outstanding customer support, and U2 Jet has entered this area.

We are an "old school" corporate jet airline that has been in existence since 1999. Due to their durability, they have been able to purchase a number of private U.S. terminal in large metropolitan areas, making them an appealing choice for businesses. Jet Linx also allows you to rent Jet Card aircraft with over 90 aircraft in each class.

Booking these charters ranges from $12,500 to $17,500 per plane. One of the things that makes private jet membership so appealing is the relatively low prices for boarding services. It is an appealing characteristic for the thousand-year-old industry and businessmen as well. There is no need to own your own plane to rent private planes.

Professional users can benefit from the expertise and conveniences that commercial air travel has to provide without the need for property.

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