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Reviews and flights by Jet Airways (with photos) Madhanmoh... I travelled to the USA and Jet Airways were chartered through Delta. The first problem was that it was not possible to select places during booking because there was no integrated booking with the tour operator and different PNR numbers.

Returning to the voyage date, the snowboarding was a true madness and she climbed on various orders is sitting, eating was.....

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Flights 9W617 and 618. The Jet Airways Flug 8W 362 is the best choice for someone who enjoys traveling with large legroom and in a giant aircraft. Upshot.... we got to the international LEH airfield at 6am, but the airplane took off at 12.30pm (about 5am later), then we missed the DEL airplane to BKK.

Wouldn't rather be travelling in a livestock wagon - the services are minimum - you have to buy food and entertain - the PA announcement leaves a great deal to be desired though speaking English can't always be comprehended. These seats are engineered to offer full seat comfort on a single trip and are by no means luxurious....

What does Jet Airways' international air travel look like? Is it going to give me a good full-service career track record?

Try to abstain, the poorest carrier ranks on place 76 in the global index. Among the last 100 years, the rankings in the global index are very low. Bad client services. However, many carriers that fly to or from India have vegetarians by standard (Cathay, United, Singapore, Turkish, Dragon, Lufthansa, British), but Jet Airways has problems even for those who request it.

The cabin crew are very poorly educated and terrible. There is no after sales department - as you can never get a solution / penalty or workaround. I had to take this plane because it was posted by my relatives without my knowing... The company is not even willing to react or offset.

Stay away from this Roadways-style carrier, which is run by folks with very doubtful backgrounds. Don't ever make a booking with this frakking scam firm, at least not for home travel in India, and I'm sure international travel is similarly abject. Really poor for the flying crew's behavior and servicing. JA foreign language as well as inland language foreign language services are as good.

Friendly crews & crews on the grounds. And I would suggest that you take any other flights, as the standard of in-flight service has dropped sharply. The legroom is very small compared to any other carrier. Hopefully, the jet airways will be as shiny as they used to be. I' d advise you to take Emiarets or any other Near East carrier if you're heading westward.

I' ll find the best Indian carrier.

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