Jet Airways Flight Routes

Flight Routes by Jet Airways

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New domestic flights announced by Jet Airways: Routes, timetable and other information

It will also add extra services on routes between Mumbai and Guwahati. On Wednesday, Jet Airways released the announcement that it will launch 28 new services next week. In its declaration, the carrier also said that it would start operating between Chandigarh and Lucknow, between Ahmedabad and Jodhpur and between Vadodara and Jaipur.

It also announced that Jet Airways will add extra frequency on current routes between Mumbai and Guwahati as well as between Delhi and Bagdogra and will offer one-stop shopping for extra services on the Mumbai-Bagdogra and Delhi-Guwahati routes. New flight plan for Jet Airways: Airways will operate non-stop services between Bengaluru and Lucknow, Indore and Calcutta, Calcutta and Chandigarh, Coimbatore and Hyderabad as well as Visakhapatnam and Mumbai and Delhi.

"Raj Sivakumar, Jet Airways Sr. VP, Global Operations & Distributions, Jet Airways said, "As the importance of airline traffic increases in India's aspiring urban areas such as Indore, Jodhpur, Guwahati, Visakhapatnam and Vadodara, there is an increased need for connection solutions for these urban areas. Jet Airways' announced addition of a new flight is marked by strong competitive activity in the country's civilian airline markets.

A number of routes have also been established by other airlines for new routes on national and intercontinental routes. IndiGo last weeks heralded the inclusion of Kuwait and Abu Dhabi in its global alliance and the introduction of new Port Blair to Hyderabad and Vadodara between them. It will begin its new global service from October 2018, the carrier said.

In addition, SpiceJet indicated that it would begin operating day-to-day non-stop services between Hyderabad-Guwahati and Guwahati-Patna. From 10 October, the carrier will begin operating the new services. Meanwhile, from January to July of this year, local carriers transported 800.40 litres of passenger aircraft, up from 657.21 litres in the same month last year, representing a 21.8 per cent increase, according to DGCA air traffic control authority figures.

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