Channel Islands Aviation

Canal Islands Aviation

Is Camarillo's best flight school for private pilots, instruments, commercial and multi-engine flight training in CA. Over the years I have had wonderful experiences with Channel Islands Aviation. Canal Islands Aviation, Camarillo, CA.

Flights to the Channel Islands

Our official air services take you to the lovely Santa Rosa Isle. From Camarillo, this picturesque islet is a 25-minute drive across Ventura, the Pacific Ocean and the neighbouring islands of Anacapa and Santa Cruz to the northern tip of the Pacific before arriving at Becher's Bay. It' s a dirty airstrip, so your adventures start as soon as you get off the plane!

Some of the islands' favorite landmarks are Torrey Pine Forest, Lobo Canyon, Cherry Canyon and the historical Vail Ranch. Remember that all our outdoor activites on the islands involve a great deal of on foot and in some cases easy walk. Intermittent exercise is necessary and as there is no sidewalk, please carry comfort footwear to walk in the muck.

Besides, the climate on the islands is somewhat unforeseeable, so we suggest you dress in multi-layered clothes and above all, don't neglect your cameraman!

Canal Islands Aviation at Camarillo Airport

For 40 years, Channel Islands Aviation has offered a high standard of services for all kinds of aircrafts at Camarillo Airport. In convenient location next to Waypoint Cafe, make CIA your FBO of choice whether your trip is just for lunches or for an night! Do you fly in on a federal plane?

We can spoil you at the Waypoint Cafe with our petrol purchases and our official ID card! If you contact us, please call the ext ention 805-987-1301 "0" for customer support. A good line team and quick response. Besides one of the best planes in restaurant - Waypoint Cafe. He went to Camarillo for the memorial day week-end.

Cancel Islands Aviation (CIA) has been contacted for help with transport and general information about the area. It did a great job arranging for a rented vehicle, managing demand for petrol and generally showing a very customer-focused approach overall. The CIA has already provided us with outstanding support. Also, their sevices for this trip were very good.

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