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Travel information at national and national level Quest "To quest, enter a keyword." To receive information, rates and promotions, please choose your home city. Changing your Land and Language: Kindly modify your choice of countries. Kindly modify your choice of languages. Please click on this button to modify the land and languages.

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How to get a JPMile

Collecting JPMiles is now easier and quicker than ever. Wherever you're going: Choice of fare: JPMiles for distances over 501 miles are charged based on the TPM and the rate you choose. In addition, you will also receive a higher cabine allowance based on the'Fare Choices / Booking Classes' chosen in Première or First, as shown in the following chart.

In India, JPMiles and Tier Points will be awarded for JPMiles and Tier Points for those upgrade to the P-Class on or after August 2, 2018 according to the initial reservation category. JPMiles & Tier Points Base "P-Class" will still be available for members who book before August 2, 2018. Reworked miles demarcation applies to all travel from 17 August 2016 onwards, regardless of the date of reservation and the approximate number of JPMiles shown on your e-ticket / your on-line reservation page / any other communications.

Provisions and retrocession entitlements for travel before 17 August 2016 are recognised in accordance with the provisions schedule in effect at that date. Visitors who have purchased JPMiles in the German and European classes against JPMiles upgrades and JPMiles upgrades will receive JPMiles according to the original tariff options. If you fly with one of the JetPrivilege Program Airline Partners, members will receive JPMiles on the basis of the miles determined by each Airline Partner.

JetPrivilege JPMiles granted to JetPrivilege members from August 17, 2016 onwards, Silver Animal, Silver Animal and Bronze JPMiles have been accrued for all journeys made after August 17, 2016. JPMiles for Jet Privilege Silver members are now 25% Animal Bonus JPMiles, JPMiles for Gold members are now 50% Animal Bonus JPMiles and JPMiles for Platinum members are now 75% Animal Bonus JPMiles.

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