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Use your JPMiles for award flights and travel around the world to any destination of your choice. Customer reviews of Jet Airways | SKYTRAX Terrible experiences to fly Jet Airways over Mumbai for my woman and me. Sluggish and non-competent immigrant personnel resulted in significant delay to our arrival at the luggage hall, where Jet Airways employees stacked luggage from the conveyor belt onto others while waiting in the waiting line on the first level.

Yet nowhere was there a flying crew to support us. My spouse and I almost forgot to catch our connection. Given our terrible experiences, I would certainly not suggest Jet Airways to any future travellers and certainly not to Mumbai Airport for one.

On time to the aerodrome, we tried to do our own checking in at two different newsstands at the same time, my boyfriend got the last place card and it was refused that I showed the reasons for the lack of places and approached the ticket clerk to get help in this area.

On approaching the check-in desk where the woman said that the check-in was shut because of the delayed arrival at the desk so that they could not supply a Boarding Card, I was shook and gave the reason given by the newsstand as places that were not available not to receive the Card, but the Jet Airways staff said that places were available but check-in was not.

The boyfriend who was travelling with me on the same plane got his embarkation card and got on the plane. Once he had climbed on the plane, he realized that the plane was full and there were no places left, and then we realized that we had been betrayed by Jet Airways. Once the places are full, you have to offer alternate choices and allow the passenger to go on the next plane by kindly proposing that I have to buy a next plane fare because that fare is not for the next plane, they said that the places are full, is not the case in the plane at all times, but for the next plane they themselves say that economies are full, I have to buy a businesses tickets that is a holdup they want to start with the people.

Extremely non-professional crew at the check-in desk, miserable behavior, large fraud of travellers for extra revenue. If you suggest not to fly with these carriers, at least try to prevent or at least prefer them. I was asked by the check-in personnel to upgrade to Business Grade (for more than 10K) because I had some points.

And I wouldn't be recommending this to anybody. The first connection between Chennai and Delhi was 1h30 later. It was planned to take our next Delhi - London trip 1h55 minutes later, so we knew we would cut it well and were reassured several flights by the escort that the necessary precautions had been taken at the terminal to quickly link us to the next one.

No such precautions were taken on our return and we failed to catch our plane. As there were no places in the area, we had to sit on the ground, we were not given either access to clean drinking or eating (we were there for 4 hrs at the end) and we were not told what was going on, making the adventure all the more stressing.

So we took the opportunity to look up Skyscanner flights and found over 12 alternative flights that would have taken us there 12h before. Then we went through these with the helpdesk employees who, after almost 90 mins, were able to get us one of these after all.

Many thanks to all Jet Airways employees for their minimum efforts to help us and make us think that we are causing them discomfort. I strongly advise everyone not to fly Jet Airways if possible. It was the most terrible event ever, the plane was postponed by one hours, so our connection to Seattle was not made.

Jet Airways just gave up in Hong Kong, no salesman showed up to at least tell us what happened. Never be traveling with Jet Airways again. On my last plane in August 2018, from Mumbai to Riyadh, I was with my familiy on the way. My woman fell anxious during the trip due to low hypertension and I do not understand what happened, the cabin crew accompanied her without any loss of precious moment and provided the first help that help her to become normally.

It is one of my best experiences and memorable with the airlines. Disrespectful and uncooperative personnel at the check-in desk. I' ve traveled many flights, but no one has ever caused a noise of more than 2 kg overweight in my luggage, even though I don't have 7 kg carry-on luggage.

Operation and caterings are a real dream with Jet Airways, I travelled from Doha with Jet Airways to Bangkok, all on-board products are dishes from India without an optional stop. In Mumbai during transport, all field personnel speak the national Hindi tongue during on-call duty. Mumbai to Amsterdam on the overnight 18.8.18, 9W 232.

Moved from Standard to First due to booking overflow. Flatbed in privat suites with slide door very comfortably, I sleep almost 6h. The equipment is not available from this carrier, as a Star Alliance and member of our member club I found it quite weird. By the time it came, the glass of marmalade was already open and almost empty, not a first-class waitress.

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