Order me a Taxi

Get me a cab.

Please order me a taxi. Can you get me a taxi, please? You got an account? It has never been so easy to order at your favourite restaurant! Hello, can you call me a cab to the cabaret, please?

Study ltalian sentences: Travel by taxi.

them telling me it would only be ten moments. I' m just informed it'll only take 10 mins. Ten is not exactly ten in Italy. C' è molto traffo. 10 min doesn't mean 10 min in Italy. Consider it a free sightseeing trip through the town. donve posso trovare un taxi? where can i find a taxi? per favore mi hiama un taxi.... Can you please order me a taxi....

How much will it take... c'èè un bankomat qui vicino? is there a cash machine near? per favore, mi porti a.... please take me to ... the valigy of the sun pesantissime; mi art a penderle? my cases are difficult; would you help me with that?

does it bother you to put on your safety harness? can you walk slower/faster? can you get slower/faster? can you stop here? why is it so much? can you forgot your tip? can you forgot your tip? can you forgot your tip? what a speed! that was fast!

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Book a Taxi - Commercial

It' never been so simple to order a taxi. Her taxi order was not submitted. Fill in a current sailing adress. Fill in a current sailing adress. Fill in your last name, please. Fill in your e-mail adress. Fill in a correct e-mail adress. Fill in your telephone number. Fill in your bank number.

Please note that we are accepting direct debits, bank credits and bankroll.

Teaching French: Taxi driving

English idioms and conversation for the taxi ride. Taxis are spoken in the same way in French as in English. Hello, can you call me a cab to the comedy? Hello, can you call me a cab for the comedy? - It was, what time?

Half an hour. - How much is your timetable? Hello, Lyon Gardens, please. - Après-ski. 11:02, it's the Dijon tugboat. Cab, please! Charles de Gaule, my flight goes in two clocks!

Taxi, s'il fuous plait! No! Charles de Gaulle has me flying in two hours! C' est traès cher! Mmm. C' est Paris! HST = high-speed railway. le peripheral = the ring that surrounds Paris. The Charles de Gaule (Roissy) is the most important Paris destination and there is also Paris Opera House.

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