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Now mTAXI is part of the 13CABS-link. In order to make sure that you get the latest application technical assistance, please dowload the 13CABS application. 13CABS application will save your taxi request times and costs. Select from a broad selection of cars - limousines, carriages, Silver Service, MAXI cabs, privat hire and taxi wheelchairs.

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the 13CABS application period, which includes weekend and promotional activities, queue cuts, and lift soundtrack. The use of the 13CABS application is simple: - Map inquiry! Your application can calculate your fares, monitor your car position and pay for your trip. Supported payments options are Money, Cards, Direct debits and Cabcharge cards. mTAXI application descriptions.

  • what about the feature to send confirmation e-mails? Thanks for making MTAXI a smooth travel reservation process. Copyrights Copyright 2015 Combined Communications Network Pty.


Call 0710 712 712 712 and your call will be routed to the closest available cab. Failure to pick up your call will cause the cab operator to be redirected to the next available cab. As soon as the call is made to the cabbie, the client can inform the cabbie of the rental conditions.

Customers can also dial the last selected cab even after the first call has been separated by following a few easy steps. After confirmation you will be taken to the nearest taxis parking and an available chauffeur will talk to you to arrange your trip. As soon as the rental detail is approved, you can tell the drivers your whereabouts.

When you need to call the cab rider you talked to again, you can call back using the mTaxi number. This system also makes it easier for you to verify your previous cab data. is a unique helpline for cabs in the UK. does not need you to memorize more than one cab number. does not need you to call more than one cab company. is a dependable and time-saving online solution. connects you to a cab from a nearby taxipark. ensures that your cell phone number is not shown to the cabbie.

mTaxi' has been specially developed to provide cab operators with the ability to communicate with clients. Taxidrivers registering with the mTaxi services get phone call from mTaxi user. What is the registration procedure for the mTaxi-services? What does the mTaxi-Servic bring me? mTaxi offers you free advertising. mGuide:

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