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Independent Taxi is a transportation company based in Baltimore City. First choice in taxi and airport shuttle cities: Independent taxi employee reviews on independent taxi culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security and more. And Nathan finds a way to control conversations with taxi drivers. Obtain instructions, ratings and information for Independent Taxi Service Co in Saint Petersburg, FL.

Radio Taxi Inc 308 W Federal St, Youngstown, OH 44503

On the phone we asked for a quote to take my girls to their dancing classes because the heating in our cars doesn't work and I have a cardiac ailment. Then my daugther gave the clerk the precise adress of the dancing studios and our precise adress and we got $8, we planned a trip and the rider collected my daughters. That' s what we did.

Within other types of businesses, this is referred to as "bait and switch". Calling the dispatchers to try to solve the problem, he said that he thought the target was in another place and that my little girl should have said the place to him. And I asked how much more accurate could you be than an accurate location?!

I know that they can do this because my man had to take this taxi firm to work from occasion to occasion and give them an address. They gave him an accurate quote, to the nearest cent.

Lustig, because when I contact the competitor's firm, they gave us an offer of.......... Totally terrible taxi ride. and I was supposed to be picked up 20 mins later. Around 1:50, I phoned and asked where they were. so I could be at my apartment to tell me.

About 30 mins later I phoned back and they asked me which road I wanted to pick up. {\pos (192,210)}I explained to them that I have been waiting 1.5 for him when they said initially 20 mins. Then after it was too late to call someone else, they said they wouldn't be there in due course.

Well, I phoned almost two hours in advance. No. Tell them where we were going, and they came to pick us up on the way. When it was a jelly taxi, it was a-cab not independent taxi.

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