Private Hire Taxi test

Taxitest Private Rental

Taxidriver test and certificate In order to be able to drive a taxi or private rental car in Bristol, you must have a good knowledge of the region and be able to prove your ability in providing services to customers. We have a number of testing and qualification requirements that we ask you to meet before you receive your first license.

This test will help us to make sure that all Hackney coach and private riders have a good understanding of Bristol and the area. And the best way to get ready for the test is to go out and see Bristol. Perhaps your boyfriends and relatives can also help you, as can other taxi riders.

You have to prepay for the test when you make your booking. This test lasts up to 90 mins. Coach driver for 90% of the question. Privately owned riders must provide correct answers to 75% of the queries. Each new rider must undergo our Golden Standards practice program. Bristol's goal is to enable our riders to enhance their ability to provide better services to their customers and give them the know-how to become Bristol messengers.

This program blends World Host Certification with a BTEC tutorial on the role of professional taxi and private rental. The courses are provided by the following provider: you must get in touch with them directly to sign up for the program: CANCELLED by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (DVSA). The Bristol City Council will authorize another vendor to run the test as soon as we can.

Requests for new driving licenses for private hire or Hackney drivers shall be made without the need for such testing until the approval of a new supplier. When you receive a license without successfully completing the test, you will be informed when a new vendor has been chosen.

You will then be given a date range during which you must complete the new exam. Certifications from a supplier not authorised by Bristol City Council will not be acceptable. You can find new test vendor detail on this page once it has been chosen.

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