Dr Woody Johnson

Dr. Woody Johnson.

In this podcast, Dr. M. Woodruff Johnson is the author of From Pain to Profit: You can read all of Dr. Woody Johnson's articles on Woody's wisdom. Dr.

Woody Johnson explains: "Greed is often described as one of the main factors for trading losses". http://ow.ly/yVdLJ.

Dr. Woody Johnson will discuss how to remove the fear of success, resistance and self-sabotage that keeps you in trouble.

Dr. M. Woodruff Johnson is the writer of From Pain to Profit here: secretts of the peak performance trader share his unparalleled insight into the true essence of anxiety and what keeps us from reaching our objectives and the achievement we so yearn for. Dr. Woody goes deeply into the matter of getting involved in the apprehension of achievement - talking a little about the aspects of humankind's natural environment that are often the main cause of self-sabotage and failures.

Dr. Woody goes straight to the core by explaining what anxiety is - anxiety about failure, anxiety about rejection, anxiety about emotional discomfort and anxiety about error - that anxiety is finally a way of surviving. Dr. Woody agrees with his views on how merchants and others can gain the puzzle by first realizing that our thoughts, our feelings and our behavior are what drive our results.

Dr. Woody says that by being willing to take individual responsibilities for the results you produce in your lifetime, you will enhance your ability to become self-aware; this, along with the use of esteeming investigative techniques as part of your own dealing (success) schedule, is what will eventually allow you to produce high-level results.

Dr. Woody makes the point that if you want to stand out, you have to make your emotion your ally rather than your enemy. To find out more about Dr. Woody and his singular approach to training that accelerates your advancement, please go to his website at www.hitthetarget.org or e-mail him at wjohnson@tradingacademy.com or call him at 310-892-4427.

You can also contact Dr. Woody at #mario_woody for Twitter-Follower.

Dr. Woody Johnson (

Inquisitiveness is a strong feeling. Curiosity can overwrite the limbo system that kidnaps your determination and then frustrates you, shreds you and fragments you after a breach of commercial rules. There is no such thing as an exceptional case of dealing, but rather a strong emotive impact. You' a guy who thinks that your whole fucking way of living is determined by logical reasoning? Be it a vehicle, a home, a fiancé or a large object, the more precious it is, the greater the impact of emotions.

It'?s a lot of pleasure to chew candyfloss. Sweet floss is sweetened purely by sugars and is a lot of pleasure to consume, but has no nutritional value. Not only will you succeed, you will also #FeelBetter. The work or trade with a #StandardofExcellence is efficient and fulfills what can only arise from the performance of the best. Remain attached to what is most important: your closest relatives, your loved ones & your communities. Being ambiguous in the interests of your own interests, your own interests, your own interests and your own.

You want your world to be simple, just go ahead... if you want it to be tough, go ahead.

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