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The new Qatar Airways aircraft fights jetlag with surrounding light and hospital-quality filter technology. Lean new aeroplane, developed with customers' convenience in view, went to heaven this week-end. On Saturday, Qatar Airways unveiled its new A350-1000 with premier upgrade flights between London and Doha, Qatar. According to The Daily Mail, the new airliner has several million environmental lighting units with anti-jet tag LEDs, hospital-quality medical quality filter technology and the world' lower ceiling in an airliner on the open commercial scene.

Cab height is what researchers have identified as the cause of jetlag symptoms - feelings of tiredness and breathlessness - at 6,500ft. A35-1000 holds an elevation of only 6,000 ft. Aeroplanes also require the quieter two-aisle cabins, bigger luggage compartments, higher ceiling and windows, where every place has a windows.

These advantages can only be found in business classes - with the Qsuite seat, which offers the first twin berths on board for those on long-haul journeys who want to sit back and take a nap, those in executive classes become even more elegant. "Qatar Airways always wants the best from its clients, so it is right that we are the first carrier in the industry to operate the Airbus A350-1000," said Akbar Al Baker, Chief Executive of Qatar Airways Group, to the Daily Mail.

"He added, "This notable, state-of-the-art airplane will become an integral part of the Qatar Airways airline and will always keep us one step ahead so that we can keep providing our customers with excellent convenience and services. However, the passenger-focused flight is not just about convenience for the client. Airbus' Fabrice Brégier said that the new airline is also tax efficient.

The A350-1000 will be 25 per cent less expensive to fly than the older competitor Boeing 777-300ER, Airbus says.

Pilot who landed on the London-Mumbai flight after the air battle. World Newscast.

During a New Year's flight from London to Mumbai, an airline in India briefly rushed out of the flight deck for two flights, claiming they had fought each other. At Jet Airways, we are studying assertions that a man was beating his fellow fighter during a dispute while the aircraft was in the skies with 324 people on board.

Reported in several India papers that quoted undisclosed springs, the air conflict caused the woman pilots to exit the flight deck in tears, and she had to be talked into re-entering by the flight deck team. On one point the man ly went out of the dashboard and briefly unsupervised the steering, the Times of India commented.

"There was a mistake between the flight deck personnel.... But the same thing was quickly settled by mutual consent and the flight...continued its trip to Mumbai and landed safely," Jet said. Kirit Somaiya, a member of the governing faction, said that the conflict may have put thousands of human life at stake and that the airlines and planes should be penalised.

Started Monday at 10am GMT in London, the flight punctually reached India's finance community about nine hour's later at 12pm. "At Jet Airways, the security of our customers, our crews and our property is of the utmost importance, and the company does not tolerate any actions by its staff that could compromise security," the company said.

This is what distinguishes us from so many others in the press at a times when objective, truthful coverage is crucial.

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