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Sale of commercial passenger aircraft

New aircraft of the year 2017 2017 will see an exceptionally large series of new aircraft, from brand new aircraft from Russia and China to a Boeing and Airbus Boeing aircraft team. Next year, Airbus is scheduled to be flying its Airbus A 330neo. The Airbus positions the "neo" as a more cost-effective option to Boeing's 787 Dreamliner.

A320neo: The second member of Airbus' revised Airbus A320neo aircraft range, the A320neo, will go into operation in 2017. It is the biggest member of the upgraded A320neo series. The aircraft, which can carry up to 240 people, is hoping to substitute the Boeing 757 in manufacturing for an ageing trans-continental working animal for US carriers. The Airbus A320neo accounts for a significant share of Airbus revenues, and Boeing is considering new design options to retain its customer base.

Airbus A319neo: The smallest member of the A320neo familiy is scheduled to make its first flights in 2017, but there is not much in the way of market growth. Boeing's and Airbus' smallest bids have won few orders, as carriers opt for bigger and more economical aircraft. Airbus A350-1000: The A350-1000 completed its first test in Toulouse, France, at the end of November, and Airbus has accelerated its tests of the aircraft.

With 366 seats, it is the largest twin-engine aircraft Airbus has ever developed and the second member of the Airbus family to join the series. The 777-300ER, Boeing's best-selling two-aisle commercial aircraft, is being replaced. Qatar Airways is to receive the A350-1000 from Airbus at the end of 2017. The first 737 Max will be shipped to Southwest Airlines in the first half of 2017 after five years of design.

Boeing's fourth-generation aircraft has two new jet units as well as a new rear section and a winglet to reduce propellant by 14%. Max 8 is the first of four 737 Max aircraft developed by Boeing. The Boeing has received tens of millions of orders for the 737 Max, among them from China's rapidly expanding airline companies.

787-10: The new 787-10 dreamliner will be taken on its maiden voyage by Boeing in early this year. This 320-seat aircraft, most of which is made of coal fibre, will be assembled at the company's facility in North Charleston, South Carolina. This is the first occasion that the new facility has assumed sole production responsibilities for a new Boeing aircraft, a testament to the company's increasing importance.

787-10 will not travel as far as its two smaller Dreamliner brothers and sisters, as carriers prefer diesel economy to cruising distance. Boeing will soon succeed the 737 Max 9, the biggest member of the upgraded 737 Max singles island Max Boeing series. In 2017 the plane will be flying for the first theater.

At the end of December, the first test aircraft's body was delivered to Boeing's factory in Washington State prior to completion of production. This aircraft seats up to 220 people in a plane cabin and is Boeing's main competitor to the Airbus A320neo. China's first large commercial aircraft will be operated in 2017. A Comac C919 will be competing with the Boeing 737 and Airbus 320.

Initially the aircraft was scheduled to go into service in 2014, but the pilot plan was postponed several times because China has relatively little experience in the development of commercial aircraft. It is unlikely that Comac will work with Airbus and Boeing yet, but by working in partnership with West European manufacturers, China is becoming a competitor for the next wave.

Russia's United Aircraft Corporation is preparing to launch its brand new Irkut MS-21 in 2017. Vladimir Putin, President of the Republic of Russia, is supporting the development of the country's civil aviation and space industries with Airbus and Boeing aircraft, which predominate on global airways. E195-E2: Brazil's Embraer (ERJ) is currently undergoing air tests on its highly overhauled E190-E2, a model of which was first flown last year.

E195-E2, the second member of the E2 series, will be flying for the first in 2017. It is the biggest aircraft the airline has ever built and seats around 132 people in a full-size, one-class aircraft cab. E195-E2 is competing with the brand new Canadian Bombardier CS100, which has been transporting passenger aircraft since July.

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