Small Luxury Planes

Luxury Small Aircraft

The company presents "design-oriented" small aircrafts. The San Francisco-based firm by the name of San Francisco's brand name, San Francisco's brand name, has launched a range of small aircraft aimed at design-oriented luxury users. Five-seater aircraft known as Valkryie and Valkryie-X are now available for pre-order, with the Valkryie likely to be available in 2017. David Loury, an aeronautical and space engineering graduate, created the two planes.

Co50 Valkryie is powered by a monopiston motor up to 260 knots and has a cruising distance of 1,050 mile. Inside the aircraft there are hand-stitched leathers and a basic instrument panel with a one-touch on/off button. In 2008, David Loury established Cobalt and, after several financing laps, launched the aircraft.

"I had a dream ten years ago to disturb the aerospace community with an unprecedented personal jet that was not only technically healthy and secure, but also design-oriented and luxurious," said David Loury. "Cobalt is no longer just a prototype," he added. "It is a world-class airplane, packed with progressive security, engineering and cutting-edge styling capabilities for traveling consumer and aerospace enthusiast."

Cobalt airplanes are all made to order in California. Every airplane is delivered with a chute on board. Co50 is a $699,000 sell, while Valkryie-X - still under construction - will sell for $595,000. Numerous celebrity designer work with airlines on both the shell and the interior.

The New York firm Snarkitecture recently painted a privat jets for Art Basel Miami Beach with blu Ombudsre.


Pilatus PC-12 is a Pilatus PC-12 manufactured by the Pilatus Group. Established in 1939, the firm has produced more than 1,200 PC-12 airplanes since the launch of the first PC-12 in 1994. Recognised for its world-class technical and security assessments, the PC-12 remains a highly favoured option for charters and regular airlines.

All our planes have conveniences that make the air travel as pleasant as possible, among them genuine, light alloy seat, electrical sockets and a closed toilet. Prevent the noisy sounds of airliners and get to your destinations relaxed. King Air 350 is a Textron Aviation one. Since the model first flew in 1963, the airline has supplied more than 250,000 planes to more than 143 nations worldwide, of which 3,100 are King Air planes.

The King Air 350 is known for its continued development and is one of the best turbo-prop aeroplanes on the air.

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