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Flight schedule Jet Airways

Timetable, Timetable, Destinations, Routes and more Jorhat and Aizawl will be served three times a week by Jet Airways. In the first stage of its flight schedule, Jet Airways has already scheduled 144 departures per week. airline's new flight schedule is scheduled for the end of the year. Jet Airways said its new schedule will include a mix of non-stop, one-stop and one-stop service between new cities in its current pan-Indian airline networks.

"Growing demands for airline trips across India are showing that customers are traveling to more than one destinations, which strengthens our airline networking business models... Our flight schedule has therefore been engineered to enable the above mentioned development through a blend of new services," said Raj Sivakumar, Jet Airways Sr. VP, Airport District Operations, Jet Airways.

There are 10 things you should know about Jet Airways' new flight schedules for the summer: Airways said it will for the first consecutive month link Amritsar with non-stop and non-stop services from its Mumbai and Bengaluru hub, among other improvements to its networks as part of its flight schedule. Airways also said it will be adding new non-stop services linking Bengaluru with Indore and Patna.

It' also going to link Patna up with non-stop Mumbai outings. Airways said it will increase interconnectivity between Delhi and the northeastern area " through a bunch of groundbreaking non-stop services". This includes three weekly departures from New Delhi to Aizawl and Jorhat and four weekly departures to Silchar, as he noted.

Imphal will offer a non-stop flight from Delhi four days a week. to Imphal. It also said it would introduce new non-stop connections from Pune to Patna, Raipur and Chandigarh. As well as providing a new, non-stop day -to-day flight between Mumbai and Tiruchirappalli, the company will also introduce a new day -to-day flight between Tiruchirappalli and Delhi.

It will also take one-stop deliveries between Mumbai and the northeastern towns of Jorhat and Imphal, thus highlighting its intention to go back to Manipur. There will also be connections between Imphal and Pune with non-stop air travel via Guwahati and Calcutta. Indeed, Guwahati will be playing a crucial roll in making this season's connections easier, allowing non-stop everyday service to Bagdogra, Imphal and Mumbai, Jet Airways added.

Jet Airways' new services come at a period when the commercial airline sector has seen strong increases in the number of passengers over the past year.

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