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Low fare jet

Daytime sales: The JetBlue offers low prices of $31 per way, but for restricted periods. An extra fare, an extra one. JetBlue has launched its own ticket shop just one days after Southwest introduced one of its two major yearly ticket deals - a $31-per-trip ticket price instant box. In contrast to the divestment of Southwest, however, the divestment of JetBlue is extremely focused.

JetBlue's cheapest "Slasher" sales rates, loose on Halloween, are only available on a few unique occasions between 27 October and 4 November. However, for those looking for a good deal with the versatility to put the sales pin in the throat, JetBlue offers a range of non-stop JetBlue services for just $31 per leg - or $62 return.

This includes services such as Boston-Atlanta, Washington-Hartford, San Francisco-Long Beach, California, and Chicago O'Hare-New York JFK. The best deals are perhaps the $31 one-way rates on longer journeys - combinations like Denver-New York and Fort Lauderdale-Long Beach. Nevertheless, dealer handlers must recall that the sales offers are extremely restricted, available on only a few trading day during this period from 27 October to 4 November.

Selling prices are one-sided, so they can be mixed with other one-way prices, either with JetBlue or another company. Meanwhile, the 72-hour Sowhwest deal - one of two wide deals typical of the carriers every year - is going into its second trading session. Southwest' recent divestment has reduced round-trip airfare to under $100 on tens of the airline's shorter haul services, including longer haul services, with air fare loose based on mileage.

Departures start at $49 per way on the southwest's quickest route and rise to $79, $99, or $129 per way for longer trips. Home prices contained in the sales seem to be at $154 per range. Southwest' sales end Thursday at 12:00 p.m. Thursday. Competitors in the southwest usually correspond to sales prices - at least on a selective basis.

This seemed to happen on certain stretches from Wednesday mornings.

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