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Textron Aviation sales team. If you decide to purchase an industry-leading aircraft, we are there for you. Our company has rich experience in importing new and used aircraft from Europe and USA.

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WX-500 Weather Mapping Sensor offers 360-degree flash recognition with up to 200 -mile range and is developed to be displayed on the new breed of multi-function indicators. Because of the lack of hanging area ( & subquant store outside the premises) the owners is looking for a fast sale. functioning GTX-33 transponders that can be remotely fitted.

It is a two-seater aerobatics instructor aircraft which has been sketched and developped by Slingsby and is certified for +6G -3G aerobatics maneuvers. Featuring a very complete specifications, low motor and prop hour this is an extraordinary aircraft for the discerning.....

Since these aircraft are obsolete or no longer needed, they must be warehoused and finally discarded.

Since these aircraft are obsolete or no longer needed, they must be warehoused and finally discarded. Army and aircraft bone sites, however, are found around the globe, in Britain, Spain, Australia, Canada, Russia and elsewhere. Bonneyards around the globe perform multiple roles that include intermediate warehousing, servicing, parts recovery, and scrap.

In Europe, as well as the UK, France and Spain, several large aircraft warehousing, servicing and recovery plants are in use. Alice Springs Airport in the Northern Territory of Australia saw the completion of the world's newest "Airliner Boneyard" in 2013, which went into service in June 2014. The first phase of the million-dollar Asia Pacific Aircraft Accumulation System (APAS) in Alice Springs comprises approximately 10 acres, comprising two driveways, a service room, a standing area for up to 25 aircraft and a pod on which parts can be added or taken away.

Alice Springs was chosen by Asia Pacific Aircraft Aviation Solutions Ltd. because the drier, dryer environment is perfect for aircraft conservation and conservation. It will be the first large aircraft warehouse in the South and will supply airlines in the Asia-Pacific region. The company is able to handle all aircraft models, up to and beyond the Airbus A380.

Please feel free to browse the APAS brochures for more information. Twenty-three former Air Canada Jazz and Canadian Regional Airlines Fokker F28 aircraft have been parked at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan International Airports since they retired from the aircraft in 2003. As Kyrgyzstan became independent of the USSR in 1991, Manas International Airfield in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, began to decrease, and some 60 deserted Soviets, complete with choppers and wide-body aircraft, were dumped on the east end of the field's dock.

Today the city is one of the biggest and most advanced air traffic hub in Central Asia and serves various airline companies and aircraft models. Predannack Airfield's take-off and return strips are run by the Royal Navy and serve as a satellites aerodrome and auxiliary aerodrome for RNAS Culdrose near the city. A number of re-tired aircraft from the Royal Naval School of Fireighting are stored in the plant and used for aircraft fallback.

From Harrier Jump Jets to Wessex and Sea King to Canberra Bomber and Sepecat Jaguar, the site encompasses a wide range of post-war RAF and Royal Navy aircraft. Airport Lukhovitsy-Tretyakovo is managed by Russian Aircraft Corporation as part of the Lukhovitsy Aircraft Production and Test Complex. Hubschrauber and equipments like radiated Soviet Mil Mi-6 hackers, which were used during the atomic catastrophe, are still in the camp.

It can be difficult to identify different aircraft models given the number of aircraft in service each day and the fact that they are stored in the Australian, UK and global deserts. This new airline mock-up website contains a set of interactive maps and guidelines for aircraft jetliners from Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, Antonov and others.

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