Flying Tom

Fly Tom

As Jerry befriends a canary, Tom finds it necessary to build a temporary pair of wings. Headquartered in the United States, Flying Tom provides information about this airport. Flies Tom towards floating gifts over deadly spikes! Manoeuvre around stones and spikes to keep Tom safe at all times. Christmas Flying is one of our selected Tom and Jerry games.

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The Flying Tom International Airports (FAA LID: OR39) is a privately owned and operated facility 6 nautical miles North West of Corvallis in Benton County, Oregon, USA. One Douglas DC-3 is housed on the site and can be seen from Ryals Avenue near by. ressources for this airport: Well, this story about an Oregon airfield is a parlour.

Christmas FLYING On-line

Flies Tom towards hovering presents over lethal spines! You' re going to be asked to grab all the presents and chimes in every step. Manoeuvre around stones and studs to keep Tom secure at all moments. Lead the cats to a high scores in each game! Christmas Flying is one of our select Tom and Jerry games.

story line

Jerry, who is a friend of the fishing, does everything he can to fight her opponent. And Jerry agreed to help an escapee circumcision animal whose first need was a meal. As Tom's molestation gets out of control, Jerry sends a letter to his cousin Muscles, a harsh downtown mice, asking for his help.

After work Tom is in a billiard room; when he soon finds out, Jerry sleeps in the backpack. And Tom is chasing Jerry around the desk and the whole swimming pools. when Jerry comes out to "help" him. And Jerry sees an occasion to free himself from his cat enemy.

Tom prepares to sit down in the Hammock, but Jerry has beaten him and the fight begins. Tom, ill from Jerry stole the milks from his basin, is poisoning her. Mother Two-Shoes agreed to baby-sit three apparently guiltless cats. While she' s out shopping for whipped cream, Tom and Jerry are tormented by the troupe of kids.

As Jerry becomes friends with a bird Tom finds it necessary to build a temporary wing team.

Christmas Fly Tom

Flying Tom Christmas is a lot of pleasure, but it's a tough one. In a spaceship Tom flies and his mission is to gather all the Christmas presents, Christmas tree and everything else he can find in the labyrinth in front of him. If Tom gets too near, he will be able to demolish his car and not fulfill his mission.

So you have to be very slow and calm and do your best not to even hit the harsh tooth around the labyrinth. Enjoy yourself and gather as much Christmas spirit as possible!

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