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Selling small cargo planes

Freighter aircraft of all manufacturers with price list, specifications, capacity and range. Rather than buying a multi-seat jet, a turboprop is smaller and ideal for smaller businesses or groups. Second-hand cargo aircraft wholesale, freight suppliers Products and suppliers: We have a large number of used cargo aircraft at your disposal, such as cargo aircraft, gyroplanes and helicopters. We have 192 second-hand cargo aircraft vendors, mainly from Asia. China (mainland), the Russian Federation and Turkey are the main supplier nations, accounting for 91%, 1% and 1% respectively of used cargo aircraft.

Second-hand cargo aircraft are the most widely sold cargo aircraft in Southern Europe, the domestic market and South Asia. It is possible to guarantee your own security by choosing from among our range of certificated vendors, 3 with ISO9001 and 1 with other certifications.

Freighter pilot - Freight charter

2018 ACS organizes FAR Part 135 services on FAR Part 135 orders for its customers, who have full operative oversight over charters at all time. There are FAR Part 135 Airlines operating directly, certificated to serve ACS charters and complying with all FAA security requirements.

2018 Air Charter Service Inc. +1 516 432 5901 | Air Charter Service Inc. +1 212 661 5568 | Air Charter Service California Inc. 11150 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 1020, Los Angeles CA 90025. +1 310 205 8959 | Air Charter Service Texas Inc. 515 Post Oak Boulevard, Suite 710, Houston TX 77027.

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Fracht - What would be a good plane for a cargo transport?

Do you know the rules and the operation of airplanes? I' d rather stay away from star motors. I' d seriously consider planes with TPE-331 over the PT-6. Metroliner's gonna pull about 5,000 pounds over this line. They are airplanes and have the same cost of ownership. MU2 is also a beloved cargo ship. Slightly smaller than the Metroliner, it is still an effective airplane.

Beech 1900 is also a favourite cargo ship, but I would rather have a Metroliner because of its longer service lives and better mileage. Just like the metro, they are airplanes and need good servicing. Beech 99 is a beloved cargo ship. The Cessna 404 will raise about 2000 pounds for reciprocating airplanes.

Personally, I really enjoy the airplane, but the engine can cause you problems ($50,000 each) if it is piloted by an inexperienced or poorly qualified pilots. Piper Navajo (350 hp) is also an ordinary cargo ship. Also the Cessna 401/402 line is good.

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