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You can compare a Lightjet printer with xerography and inkjet printers. Both Lightjet and Giclee Pigment are for the reproduction of fine art and exceed the quality of printing at the consumer level many times over. Is a Lightjet printer what? Metro Imaging London. Océ Lightjet 500XL is probably one of the most astonishing photo printer in the entirety.

Metroprint has one of ten Lightjet 500XLs in the whole word, so all our C-types over 48" width are produced on this one. We' ve agreed that the moment has come to make all this different, and now ten by six foot print is within every photographer's grasp in the UK.

Papers are captured in a barrel as the lasing goes to work. One of the most important features of a material is that the material is a large diameter, which is the size of the material. These uniformities are better than any other visual print technology.

Imaging - Lightjet printing services : Photography

Cymbolic Sciences initially designed the LightJet printer in the early 1990s to print on 8×10 inches of photo print media. The LightJet printer has been expanded over the years to print real silver-based photo papers with helical, argon and fluorescent laser. Illuminated white papers are then converted into conventional photography chemicals. LightJet pressures with an apparently dissolution of more than 4000 dots per inch are probably the hottest and high-quality pressures, which are everywhere available, and show the appearance and the Haptik of traditionel photograph, however without the restrictions of the traditionel optical pressure.

Photocraft will print on Fuji Crystal Archive papers (glossy, matt and glossy) and on FujiFlex, FujiClear and FujiTrans inks. Fuji Crystal Archive fabrics have the highest marks in independant laboratory testing for the durability of all color photo fabrics. However, the color of the images can be different (chromogenic media use silvery halogenide crystal to generate the picture and then photo colorants integrated into the media to generate the colors).

Printings produced on Fuji crystal archive stock and LightJet printing are acceptable works of artwork and used by the world's best-known photographers. 4. 50 inch and 162 foot long photo roll photo release sheets are uploaded into the LightJet in the darkness. Photo printing media is kept firmly in place by an inner barrel, while RGB laser printers print at 36-bit colour (12-bit per channel) on the media, resulting in incredibly glossy colour gradation and subtle results.

LightJet can make printouts of any format up to 50 x 120 without tiles and with tiles, pictures of any format. Since LightJet pictures are printed in 12 bits per colour RGB channels (inkjet printer in contrast to 8 bits per CMYK channel), photographs can get more out of Adobe (98)RGB, ProPhoto RGB and Ekta Space and more.

LightJet is printing the way we see the outside in RGB and not CMYK. LightJet also imprints the way your movie or digicam takes pictures, making it still the printer of preference for many of the world's best photographers. For best results, please read our submission file for the Lightjet page.

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