How to Apply for Taxi Badge

Applying for the taxi badge

If you have never received a license from us before or your license has expired, apply for one. Taxis and personal rental agreement To operate a taxi is a license, known as a taxi license, and to operate a personal rental automobile is a license, known as a personal rental automobile license. The taxi driver's license is different from the taxi driver's license that every taxi rider needs.

When driving your own vehicle, you will need both a taxi and a taxi driver's license. You must determine what kind of license you wish to apply for before submitting your request. Taxi's can be rented locally, on the road, or at a customer's level directly with a chauffeur, but personal rental vehicles can only be prebooked.

Taxi license holder can operate both taxi and rental vehicles. Owners of a personal rental driving license can only use a personal rental automobile. Every truck requires its own use. They don't need a driver's license if: In order to apply for a taxi/private driving license (registration document) or a taxi/private driving license (driving licence), you must meet the following requirements.

Driving licences cannot be issued if your vehicles are not covered by insurance. Test your vehicles to confirm to the Approval Authorities that they are of appropriate make, model, size as well as style for use as a taxi or personal automobile and are secure for such use. You can only be issued a taxi/private driving license if you have been in possession of a driving license entitling you to operate a vehicle for 12 consecutive month before the date of your request.

To obtain your license, you must be in good physical shape so that you can be asked to undergo a health check (drivers over the age of 70 must present a doctor's certificate). When your driver's license is surrendered by a judicial authority, your taxi/private license expires for the duration of the surrender.

Charges you have to make depend on the license you apply for: Where you already have a driving license and wish to replace the named car, the registration charge is £62 plus £10. No charge is made for the 6-month car inspection. In order to submit an enrolment request, you must fill out the enrolment request forms and submit some documentation, according to which license you decide to apply for.

In order to apply, please fill in the appropriate request below: Please send your request together with your driving license if you are applying for one: Where your request is for a driving license or car replacement, please send it back together with a copy of your policy. There is a 28-day appeal deadline after receipt of your letter of motivation.

We will copy your job and send it to Police Scotland for your comment or objection. Driving licenses of all kinds (drivers and vehicles) shall enter into force on the date specified in the license. As a rule, taxi and personal vehicle licenses are valid for one year from the date of issue.

Driving licences are generally valid for three years from the date of issue, unless a time limit is deemed appropriate, e.g. for health reason. This guide (pdf 211KB) is intended to help licensees remember some of their duties when running a taxi or rental automobile, e.g:

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