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The Hyderabad is known as "The Biryanis Town? is today's Telangana and was the former Andhra Pradeshapital. It stretches over 650 sq km along the Musi River and is the 4th biggest Indian town. Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, the Qutb Shahi Emperor, created and created the town in 1591.

In 1724, the Mogul vice-king Asif Jah I proclaimed his reign and founded his own kingdom, known as the Nizams of Hyderabad. During the British Raj it became a prince state and stayed so for 150 years, with the Raj served as the main town. This town has a great deal to boast with its rich culture and cuisine.

Hyderabad has many interesting places that attract visitors and locals alike. Legend aryan, the city's emblem has gone down in the annals of time. Situated in the centre of the town, this historic building is set amidst Mecca Masjid, a brick building from Mecca, and a densely populated commercial area.

The Char Minar has become one of the most recognised Indian institutions. The Golkonda Fortress, 11 km from the town of Hyderabad, is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. for the public. It' definitely one of the historic places in Hyderabad and a must. Kalaknuma Palace, which covers an area of 32 hectares, is the place in Hyderabad that aptly emphasizes its size.

Nawab Vikar-ul-Umra, the Prime Minister of Hyderabad during the rule of Nizam, made it. With an area of 2000 hectares, it is the biggest fully fledged movie town in the whole state. Runoji Filmstadt has a magic topic around the movies and since the Indian populace is insane about Bollywood, she makes her way to every traveler's registry.

Nehru Zoological Park near Mir Alam Tank in Hyderabad is about 50 years old and is without a doubt one of the city's most popular attractions. Known also as Makkah Masjid is one of the oldest of Telangana's ancient monasteries and one of the biggest in India. Hyderabad has many interesting and intriguing locations near Hyderabad for weekend destination.

Warangal, one of the most important industry and culture centres of the State of Andhra Pradesh, is full of a large number of fortresses, churches and orchards. It' s only 148 kilometres from Hyderabad and it doesn't take more than 3 hrs to get there by car. Throughout the year Warangal has a temperate weather and can be explored at any time.

Among the major attractions are Warangal Fortress, Ramappa Temples, Bhadrakali Temples, Thousand Column Temples, Pakhal Lakes, Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary, Kakatiya Rock Garden and many more. It is the third biggest artificially formed artificial lake on earth. Hyderabad is 165 km from the embankment and the best travel season is between August and February.

Andhra Pradesh's business capital, Vijaywada, lies on the bank of the Krishna River and is one of the state's two metropolises. There are many places of interest in and around the town. Among the most important are Praasham Barrage, Krishnaveri Mandapam, Kanaka Durga Temple, Mary Martha Church, Gandhi Hill, Bhawani Island, Mogalarajapuram, Lord Narsimha Temple, Codapalli Forest and a large number of parks throughout the town.

Bidar is 147 km from Hyderabad in the northeastern part of Karnataka and is known for its handcrafted goods throughout the state. Bidar Fort, one of India's largest Persian-style fortresses, is the town' major tourist destination. Andhra Pradesh is situated in the Kurnool region of Srisailam on the bank of the Krishna River.

It is one of the first places in South India and is about 212 km away from Hyderabad. Mallikarjuna Shri in Srisailam is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India and was formerly Srigiri. One of the Shaktipeeths in India, too, one of the temples of Shaktipeeth, Buddharambha, is in the same area.

Nizamabad lies in the northwest of the Indian state of Telangana and is the third biggest town after Hyderabad and Warangal. Efficient connections to the town via railway, roads and local airports. Niceamabad has many interesting places to go such as Pocharam Wildlife Century, Alisagar, Badapahad, Lord Hanuman Temple and more.

Further destinations around Hyderabad are Aihole, Guntur, Mantralayam, Khammam and Lonar. Andhra Pradesh State has much to boast in terms of both leisure and culture. Originally known as Palamoor, Mahbubnagar is called after a Nizam of Hyderabad. Located 134 kilometres from Hyderabad, it is the spring of the iconic Goloconda diamond.

As a rule, tourists take a full days out to explore the interesting places in the vicinity, such as the Jurala and Kolisagar Dams and the city's many ancient monuments. Home of Belum, the second biggest and longest cave of the sub-continent; Kurnool is the former capitol of Andhra Pradesh on the bank of the Tungabhadra stream.

Featuring the Hundri and Neeva River that flow through it, the town has a temperate environment and is 213 kilometres from Hyderabad, and our Hyderabad taxi service will get you there in about 4hrs. However, the best travel season is between December and February.

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