Large Aircraft for Sale

Big aircraft for sale

"That's what they would do," said Airbus sales director John Leahy, IndustryWeek said. VIP Airliners - Charter, Sale and Leasing Services VIP aircraft such as the Boeing BBJ are the very best in terms of comforts, luxuries and amenities, offering unprecedented levels of on-board comforts, conveniences and luxuries to personal jets. At home in the skies, super-size planes can transport between 15 and 30 people, according to their internal configurations, and offer plenty of room for baggage, large objects and even finite freight.

Similar to most airline charters, VIP Airliners can fly distances that cannot be flown by their smaller colleagues and are often used on long-haul and intercontinental outings. Comforts such as crew quarters, berths, staterooms, booths, private suits and even shower facilities are just some of the luxury items these aircraft have to provide.

Deluxe, commercial, corporate and/or pressing or time-sensitive airline charter often requires large aircraft with long-haul capability. Unfortunately, small commercial aircraft and turboprop aircraft are not able to satisfy the needs of these singular routes, and therefore aircraft are normally used for this type of specialised charter. Besides an expanded cruising distance and higher cabin capacity, luxurious aircraft are available in a wide array of variations, e.g. in Bus Division with few boss seating or in luxurious executive version with few boss seating but multiple luxuries.

All-round aircraft that allow the principle of long trips with absolute safety, convenience and discretion. In addition, most aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art telecommunication facilities such as facsimile devices, phones and web connectivity to increase on-board operational efficiency. The majority of luxurious aircraft also offer a stateroom facility with warm food, warm drinks and a pub.

By default, all aircraft are equipped with a variety of on-board entertainments, such as video/DVD equipment, and some large aircraft even have cabins with bed and shower facilities. Because of the arrangement of some of these aircraft, they allow the continuation of discussions during the journey and/or the aircraft can also be used as a meeting room for presentation or floor based media conferencing at any target location attended.

As an alternative, when a large number of people are on the move, they can be set up so that a large group can make a long distance journey in a shorter amount of space and relax conveniently on the move. With our unrivalled and comprehensive global fleet of certified airlines and/or airlines, we ensure that you and your guests enjoy the highest level of security, convenience and customer care on board any of our chartered flights.

Under the guidance of our Air Traffic Management Manager, every aircraft passes through a series of security controls where the operators, aircraft and crews must comply with the strictest security requirements in the world. You will be accompanied by your own dedicated Air Attendant and Air Rescue Engineer from start to finish, ensuring that all your needs and requirements are met and outperformed.

Ranging from on-board culinary delights and in-flight entertainments to the ultimate in transport, from pre-flight and post-flight experiences to the final touch of your arrival at your destination's nearest international airports, every detail of your journey is tailor-made for you. A member of our VIP concierge team arrives early at the airports for multi-day departures and large group charter trips and can travel with the group to provide the most convenient and enjoyable travel experiences.

More than a dozen years of airline charters and more than 100 years of accumulated airline expertise mean you can be sure you are in good hands. Our customers are your best bet.

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