Cessna Jet

The Cessna Jet

Check out the full specifications for the Cessna Citation X, the world's fastest continental business jet. The Cessna Quote I Beschreibung Everyone acquainted with the jet economy knows Cessna's line of Citation commercial jets: economical, powerful and convenient personal jet aircraft that set themselves apart from the game. Citation 1 is the genuine turbojet commercial jet in the popular Citation range that has become what it is. After many changes and development, the entry-level variant Citation was launched on the marked in 1977, as it could be operated outside small airports and at low speed at low costs.

In 1985, Cessna stopped quoting 1. First changes to the Citation 1 took the form of push reverse, longer span (47.1 ft.) and higher operational weight and were implemented in the final stage of evolution to maximize competitiveness with other similar aircraft of their age.

Pratt & Whitney of Canada selected two JT15D-1/A/B turboprop turbofans for Citation 1. Initially, Cessna used ARC analogue radio in Citation 1, but has since converted its analogue radio to state-of-the-art analogue music. Since Citation 1, the model has undergone development and improvement, but it still has much to deliver in power than this.

Citation has a max load capacity of 2,097 pounds. Citation 1 will require a team of two, similar to Learjets, and the aircraft will have a take-off mass of 11,850 pounds to achieve an altitude of 41,000 feet. The Citation 1 S/P's single-pilot layout, however, offers space for an additional occupant in the right-hand seating position on the aircraft decks.

Briefly, Cessna's initial Citation provided power at a sensible price when there was a clear need for a good introductory jetliner. More than 690 of the Citation 1's and Citation 1 S/P's were constructed between 1971 and 1985.

The Cessna Citation X Specifications | Capacity, Range Map & More

A Cessna Citation Jet is the quickest cross-continental jet on the planet. Although it is characterized by its radically edged and aerodynamically shaped shape, it is the science behind the overall concept that makes the Citation A1 ideal for experienced passengers. Featuring a top velocity of Mach 0.92 (700 mph), the Citation is one of the quickest airliners on the air.

Driven by Rolls-Royce solid power plants initially developed for civil aviation, the Citation  X travels one league every six seconds, reducing a Los Angeles to New York trip to just four hrs - one hr quicker than traditional corporate jetliners. Offering seaside reach and efficiencies, the Citation XX can meet both your local and your trans-continental needs efficiently.

Use a Citation Winter to effortlessly meet on both shores and go home the same night while your rivals are still in the sky somewhere over Kansas.

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