Used Airplanes for Sale by Owner

Second-hand aircraft for sale by the owner

The sale of an aircraft for maximum revenue requires effort and time. An owner, this is a fantastic choice in the used circus market. aircraft for sale, used aircraft for sale, aircraft brokers

"In 2012, we started a comprehensive one-year quest for this aircraft, which lasted one year." "Best Duke on the List - G530W/430W, AP/FD 65S, MFD--Winglets, Aft Strakes & VG's - Long Range 232 Gallons--Midwest Hangared Since New--Elliot Beech Maintenance. The owner, educated by Bob Hoffman, has been flying it routinely from Cincinnati to White Plains, NY since 2013.

It has collected over 280 flight lessons and offers the demanding owner a great aircraft. With over $315,000, Victor rated the low-time cell, the low-time engine and all upgrade options. Roberts Aviation, a state-approved Duke store, has operated it for only 10 flight minutes since its yearly flight in July 2015.

The owner cut the sale to $269,000 for a fast sale! Recently we were selling a similarly equipped 1980 with 950/950 hours 950 engine for 270,000 dollars. Aircraft is hanged in Cincinnati and is available for your inspections. In the past, the aircraft for sale was bought for our customers and flew by us in person.

When you need help to find the right aircraft for your visions, missions and budgets, with 50 years of aerospace expertise, I can help you make the right one!


An owner, this is a great option in the used circus market. Superb service, support and story put this on your shortlist! Display is compliant, full and uninterrupted log. The aircraft is prepared to be operated by an expert Cirrus owner and pilots and serviced with an open cheque book.

Outstanding disks, load able and so with Turbo and FIKI. There is no historical record of damages, full and continual logs. He has everything, a great story, love of detail in the service division, proud of the property. Full and uninterrupted logs, no historical damages, and it loads. Good serviced, good state, no damages, full and uninterrupted log books all ADS compliant.

No. All ODs are conform, full and continual logs, no known loss histories. Give us a call, we're always looking forward to discussing this lovely airplane. Outstanding planes. Full and uninterrupted logs, all ODs are conform. It'?s got the airplane set for takeoff. He' s prepared for his new owner! Attractive airplane upgrade awarded according to the ADSB 2020!

Every AD that complies with the regulations keeps full log books. Distinguished option on the second-hand markets. Constantly hangarred, full and continual log books all displays up to date and up to date. The N450AP is set for a new home. Aeroplane's been well serviced. The AD's are all up to date and the log's are full and continual, there is no loss record.

ODSB conform, new interieur, outstanding payload, put this on your shortlist, call us for more detail. Full and uninterrupted logs, and all AD's are conform. They are all AD conform, the logs are full and continual. Whoa, this airplane meets all the markers funny and so much benefits all in the same parcel.

There'?s no need to own both a Cub and an airplane that can take you anywhere...that will make both very effective. It is an extraordinary option for so many different uses. A bullet-proof lO360 is the core of this level. Today, with an unprecedented security balance, you call us to talk about this amazing airplane.

Operating expenses are the cheapest of all airplanes in its category. Give us a call today to find out all the more. That airplane is all you could want from an airplane. Beautiful, easily accessed, roomy cab, low consumption of gas and low service charges - you can have it all in one airplane! It' the ideal airplane to create a twins game as you go into the worlds of jets and beyond.

Give us a call to talk about this state-of-the-art airplane. Very powerful airplane with modern styling. To have an airplane like this is as near as never before to own your own Wonder Carpet. What a surprise! DA62 is the world' s best selling airplane. Even the performance of this airplane is unsurpassed.

An airplane with an owner that's a complete explosion! What a funny airplane!

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