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Official LAX Website | Find out about the possibilities of ground transportation in and around LAX. Official LAX Website | Traffic and ground transport Midweek of 24 September 2018: September 17, 2018: This is the 10th of September 2018 week: The 3rd of September 2018: August 27, 2018: This is the first weekend of August 20, 2018: August 13, 2018: August 6, 2018: Midweek of 30 July 2018: This is the 23 July 2018 week:

16 July 2018: This is the 9th of July 2018: 2nd of July 2018: June 25, 2018: June 18, 2018: June 11, 2018: This is the 4th of June 2018: May 28, 2018: May 21, 2018: May 14, 2018:

May 7, 2018: April 30, 2018: April 23, 2018: 16 April 2018: April 9, 2018: 2nd April 2018 week: March 26, 2018: At LAX there are several means of surface transport that make it easier to transport travellers and guests to and from the airports.

In order to reduce central station overcrowding, LAX also has a 24-hour LAX mobile phone awaiting lot where drivers who meet incoming travellers can free of charge await the travellers to call and say they are willing to be collected at the kerb of the station. A polite shuttleservice is regularly offered between the various airports in order to make it easier for travellers to travel from one airport to another by air (A route).

Buses also carry people to and from employee car parks). There is also a shuttleservice to and from Metro Rail Green Line Aviation Station (G Route). In order to use our LAX services, travellers should use the LAX Trains under the LAX Trains & Airline Connections signs on the Lower/Arrivals Level Island in front of each of the terminals.

LOT C is no longer on the lower tier. Travellers should get on the LOT C-Bus at the upper/departure plane.

CTransports passenger to and from car park C. Passenger will only be checked in or collected from the Private Parking Lots Shuttle Zone on the top lane (departure level). From Lot C, travellers can reach the LAX City Bus Center on foot. The "C" itinerary is 24 hour a day, 7 weekdays and departs every 15 to 20 min.

Transport passenger between airports and Metro Green Line Aviation stations. Services are adapted to the timetable. You do not need a ticket for the access to the shuttle from the airports to the Aviation/LAX-stations. You will need the map when taking the G-Shuttle from the Aviation/LAX stop to the International Aiport.

Stop points for airport bus services are situated on the Lower/Arrivals Levels in front of each of the terminals under the signs indicating that they are available. Pick-ups for privately-owned parking shuttles will now be made on the lower floor at the lower levels of the bus stop. From LAX to the areas just North of Los Angeles County, the following long-distance operator provides door-to-door services.

Customers are urged to consult the operator first for further information. On Lower/Arrivals Level Island, these transporters collect travellers in front of each of the terminals under the FlyAway, Buses & Long Distance Van signs. The Roadrunner Shuttle - trips to Simi Valley (about 71 kilometres, north-west of LAX ) and to Ventura and Santa Barbara County (both north-west of LAX). The journey takes about one to two hour according to the city.

The free of charge shuttleservice is offered from the Metro Green Line Aviation Station. Those who wish to use this services should check the LAX Schuttle & Airline Connections signs on the Lower/Arrivals Level Island in front of each passenger station and get on the "G "uttle. Travellers can also take the "Lot C" shuttles to get to the Metro bus center, where they can get on citybuses that serve the Los Angeles area.

For information on how to get around the airport, please call the information board in the luggage reclaim area of each of the terminals. Furthermore, customers can call 323 for information on public transport. Shuttle stations to Los C and Downtown Center are situated on the upper/departure level at the Private Parking Lots Shuttle Zone board.

Please click on the name of the line for further information. If you are a passenger, you can collect these busses from the Metro Center in Lot C. Our rent a vehicle office is outside the airports, outside the terminal. This company meets incoming clients under the violet label "Rental Cars Shuttles" on the Lower/Arrivals Level Island outside the luggage area.

From LAX, the following public transport services run to various parts of Los Angeles and some nearby areas. Customers are invited to consult the company first for further information. This bus picks up passenger on the lower/arrival level island in front of each airport landing under the FlyAway, Bus & Long Distance Bus name.

The Central Coast Shuttle - Travel to the Central Coast area including: Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm and Anaheim, Buena Park and Garden Grove Region Hotel. A joint venture for vans, Super Shuttle is based in LAX and is authorised to service all Southern California wards.

Super Shuttle vehicles collect travellers at the Lower/Arrivals level in front of each of the terminals. Look for signposts saying "Shared Ride Vans" on the curb near the exit of the luggage claim area. Taxi's are located on the lower/arrival level island in front of each of the terminals under the taxi billboard.

Travellers are given a fare card with prices to the main destination. Once on the curb of the passenger terminals, a passenger can make a query. Authorised public transport companies may only set down and collect guests at the airport upper/departure level. Ride Service Pick-Up" tags are placed on the upper/lower level to make the point of contact easier.

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