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A private jet to Amsterdam

A private flight from London Gatwick to Amsterdam Schiphol. Schiphol Amsterdam Airport is an international private jet airport in Holland, Netherlands, which is suitable for a variety of private jets, and its code International Air Transport Association is AMS. Chartering private jets to and from Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport with Victor has never been so easy. The Private Air Charter in Amsterdam, Netherlands offers privacy, efficiency and flexibility to ensure a pleasant journey through time.

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Schiphol Amsterdam provides private jet rentals and corporate jet clients with a classy and luxurious passenger lounge that guarantees absolute relax and comfort. Further amenities offered by Amsterdam's Schiphol International Amsterdam include a mall, an arts and crafts center - both classic and modern - and the world's premier international aviation boutique. Amsterdam Schiphol was opened in 1916 as a bases station and first used for civilian aircrafts in 1920.

Until 1940, the area used as a take-off and landing strip was substituted by 4 paved strips. Amsterdam Schiphol has become one of the most congested European cities and the most congested airport in the fourteenth year in the history of the country in 2011. Situated about 5.6 leagues south-west of Amsterdam. Search private fares for private jet charters to or from Amsterdam Schiphol using our private jet fare calculator. Now you can find private jet fares quickly and easily by using our private jet fare planner.

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Amsterdam, the Dutch capitol, is the country's leading cultural and economic centre and a must for occasional and occasional travellers. Located on the other side of the Amstel, the town extends from its centre on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange into various housing and shopping areas.

Amsterdam has been the Netherlands' main commercial centre since its beginnings as a seaport, and it still is today. A lot of companies from all over the globe operate their head offices in the cities, including: Amsterdam is encircled on three sides by waters and boasts an Atlantic Ocean atmosphere, and summer is rare when it is warm.

The Amsterdam cultural scene is home to a host of flavours, from the infamous Red Light District to some of the world's best coffeehouses and pubs in the centre of the town, which can lawfully market small amounts of Cannabis to adults. The Anne Frank Museum is perhaps the most beloved and emotionally charged touristic destination in Amsterdam.

Maybe your perfect Amsterdam holiday involves a trip through fancy shops across Europe? Everywhere the adventure of the morning takes you, spare enough power to discover the Amsterdam nightscene. Amsterdam's culture has for many years been the accepted culture of different contexts and encompasses cuisine and art from around the globe.

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Locations [i]['state'] +' Country:'+ Locations[i]['country'] +''+' Latitude:'+ Locations[i]['lat'] +''' Longitude:'+ Locations[i]['lng'] +'' +' More about this airport'+'' Schiphol Airport (EHAM) is the main aviation centre servicing Amsterdam and the area. Luckily, the Schiphol East is designed for private charters of up to 19 passenger on the Oostbaan airstrip.

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