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Learjet Inc. produces business jets. Learn more about Learjet Inc., including an overview, statistics, history, and other aerospace and defense competitors. Learjet Inc.

produces business jets. Receive directions, reviews and information for Learjet Inc in Wichita, KS.

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Bill Lear and his P-16 crew saw the fundamental layout of the P-16 as a good basis for the creation of a commercial plane and established the Schweizer American Flugcraft Corporation, based in Altenrhein, Switzerland, with designers from Switzerland, Germany and Great Britain. Initially the plane was to be referred to as SAAC-23 or earlier as 'Tina Jet'.

With its striking top propellant tank and the chassis of the first Learjets, the wings were hardly modified compared to the prototype fighters. Even though the production of the first jets began in Switzerland, the tool for the production of the plane was transferred to Wichita, Kansas, in 1962. 5 ] LearJet was in a temp work, opened in September 1962, while the Wichita International Airports factory was under work.

The first Learjet was assembled on 7 February 1963. Next year the name of the business was changed to Lear Jet Corp. Originally the Learjet 23 was a six- to eight-seater and was first flown on 7 October 1963, the first serial produced aircraft was shipped in October 1964. A little over a month later Lear Jet became a public limited one.

September 19 of the same year, the name of the business was changed to Lear Jet Industries Inc. Effective April 10, 1967, Bill Lear's approximately 60% interest in the corporation was taken over by the Gates Rubber Corporation in Denver, Colorado, for $27,000,000,000. Mr Lear stayed on the Executive Committee until 2 April 1969, when the corporation fused with Gates Aviation Corporation and was re-named Gates Learjet Corporation.

Out of this plane later became the Learjet 35. This year, the President's "E" Awards were presented to the corporation for the promotion of exports. By 1974 the global Learjet fleets had crossed the million threshold and by 1975 the airline had manufactured the 450th plane, both of which were new to the business. At the end of 1976, the firm raised its weekly aeroplane output to ten.

The Learjet 28 made its maiden voyage on 24 August 1977. Built on the Learjet 25, it got a complete new winglet wings. This led to better power and lower consumption and led to the name "Longhorn" for the short-lived Learjet 28/29 and some of the more popular series.

The 54/55/56 model range made its maiden voyage on 19 April 1979, and on 7 July 1983 a 55 model established six new time-to-climb record figures for its masses. Gates Learjet in 1984 heralded the launch of its Aerospace Division, a high-tech enterprise. By the end of the year, however, the airline discontinued manufacturing its airliners in order to cut inventory levels.

It took until February 1986, when the head office was moved to Tucson, Arizona, and manufacturing resumed in both Wichita and Tucson. Bombardier Aerospace of Canada acquired Learjet Corporation in 1990. These planes were then sold as the "Bombardier Learjet Family". The Learjet 60 medium-size plane made its maiden voyage on 10 October 1990, followed by the Learjet 45 on 7 October 1995.

October 2007 saw the launch by Learjet of a completely new range of Learjet 85s. This was the first FAR Part-25 fully composited corporate jet. [ Man ] Learjet 70/75, 2013-.... With the delivery of the 3,000th Learjet produced, the company marks an important milestone (press release). Bomb shooter. Fly with the classic Learjet. Daddy of the Learjet. 50 years Learjet, Bombard Aerospace, Wichita, Kansas.

"The Learjet is building a site and a workforce in Wichita." Leland R. Haynes, "SR-71 #972 Final Record Flight to Dulles Field, Washington D.C.", SR-71 Blackbirds, reworked March 29, 2004. Commons Wikimedia has created learjet-related news outlets.

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