Srilankan Airlines Online Offers

Sri Lankan Airlines Online Offers

You can book flights online at and enjoy the offer. Make an appointment online during your SriLankan flight! SriLankan Airines Promo Code Archive Offer: On-line upgrade to Srilankan Airlines. One never knows if they'll accept a small offer to fill the seats.

Srilankan Airlines Online Upgrades - Sri Lanka Forum

Did anyone receive help with the online application to become a member of our team? What I'll probably pay to get a fare. It' good for the additional costs? You will not take your cash unless you accepted the deal and when we went to Costa Rica, our 2012 BC was empty.

One never knows if they'll take a small quote to fill the places. In this season of the year, flight numbers are likely to be almost full, as they are peaks, they even make additional trips on Saturdays and Sundays (departures at noon UL 506), if you have UL 504 at night depart on that date, there are only 3 places remaining in the shop, good luck with your deal, if you're fortunate, it's VERY rewarding... Busy classes are very convenient in these newliners.

Wouldn't an additional 600 (for a one-way flight) be tantamount to the purchase of a complimentary seat? And I think the lowest bid is there to make your definitive charge very near the cost of an authentic basic BP rate. In my opinion, it is a comfortable choice for anyone who wants to "change their mind" after having purchased an Economical Line out.

Please note that I think I will be leaving the update. This thread has been shut down due to lack of activity for new postings.

Discounts - SriLankan Airline - The International Hotel Management Conference 2018

Founded in 1979, SriLankan Airlines - Sri Lanka's National Carrier is an award-winning carrier with a strong record for quality services, convenience, safety, dependability and timeliness. TIIKM is proud to announce that Sri Lankan Airlines, as the International Conference on Hotel Administration's authorized carrier, will be offering a 15% rebate on the price of Air Travel Economics and a 10% rebate on the price of Air Travel Business valid at the date of ticket issue to all attendees and escorts to buy air travel to Sri Lanka for registrated representatives traveling from our online locations.

Please complete the following procedure to qualify for our rebates; Stage 1 - Fill in the online rebate request forms. Stage 2 - A Sri Lankan Airlines agent will reply within 48 hrs and walk you through the trial. In order to take advantage of the above rebates, please fill in the necessary registration details using the registration box below; the quote is ONLY for those ticket purchases made using the above registration box.

Special offers for Business and Economy Class round-trip fares from all Sri Lankan Airlines online destination to Colombo. Intermediate stop fees are not discountable. Children reductions are not possible for this special price. Children, infants and unsupervised minors are not included in this promotion. It is not possible to combine this service with other services.

SILLANKAN Airlines Ltd retains the right to revoke all or any of the provisions governing the above offers at any moment in its absolute discretion and without giving advance notification.

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