Private Hire test Questions

Questions about the test for private individuals

Exercise sheets focus exclusively on the multiple choice part of the test. On page four you will find some sample questions. Terms of license for private lessors & and Hackney Carriage Drivers. License applicants will also be asked questions about taxi ranks within the city.

Probe Hackney Carriage knowledge test questions.

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Knowledgebase test for hackneyers and private users

Every new applicant for a hackney carriage or private hire driver's license must successfully complete a test. In this way it should be ensured that all motorists have a good understanding of the environment, road traffic regulations and taxis. You must be interviewed by a licensee before you can take the test.

Your officers will tell you in this interviewee when you can take the test. Test must be prebooked. Present hired and hacked car owners may also need to take a test: Is the test complete? They are asked a grand total of 48 questions and there are 4 test parts that are:

You will be asked 24 questions about the surrounding area and you must ask at least 18 right questions. You will be asked before the test whether you will be working mainly from the east, middle or west of the county, and you will be asked questions about this area. Questions refer to route, places of interest and favourite places.

Each driver must have a thorough understanding of the road traffic regulations. You will be asked 8 questions and you must ask at least 6 right questions. You will be asked 8 questions and you must ask at least 6 right questions. This will be fundamental mathematical questions, and hackney riders will also have to respond to questions about tariffs.

You will be asked 8 questions about the fundamental tax laws and our guidelines for hiring hackneyed and private drivers and car licenses. You must at least 6 questions properly answered. You must book the test in advance and let us know if you will be working from the east, middle or west of the area.

If you have already taken a photo ID, you must take it with you to the examination. If you take the test, there will be a license agent present at all time. While you can ask them general questions, they won't be able to help you with the test.

Do not use the following points during the test: During the test, if you are ill or need to exit the room for any reasons, the test will be halted and you may need to repeat the test at another point. It will be decided by the permit official present and communicated to you in due course.

All actions that may be considered fraudulent during a test will be taken seriously, and if the present licensee has the feeling that fraud has occurred, the test will fail forever. If you do not get the test results immediately, a license agent will get in touch with you within 3 business days of the test to let you know if you have successfully completed the test.

You can take the test again after at least 2 short periods if you do not immediately succeed. You will receive a maximum of 3 tests for the test and if you did not succeed in the third test, you must allow at least 12 month before taking the test again.

You do not have to pay a charge if you are passing the test for the first test, but if you need to retake the test, it costs 30 per test before you take the test.

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