Minicab Fares

Mini Cab Tariffs

District Office Ryedale - Determination of taxi tariffs County Councils may determine the tariffs or tariffs in the County for travel times, distances and any other fees payable for the rental of a Hackney Freight in the form of a schedule of tariffs (PDF, 1 page, 41kb) which may be created or amended in accordance with the terms of this Section. If a county council creates or changes a fare schedule, it must post any changes in a note in at least one locale paper that circulates in the county. It shall contain at least 14 calendar days after the date of the first release and information on how to object to the tariff schedule or deviations.

If, within the time limit specified in the contract notice, no objection is raised to a tariff scale or variation, or if all such objection is retracted, the tariff scale or variation shall enter into force on expiration of the consulting time limit or on the date on which the objection is retracted.

In the event of an appeal being lodged and not revoked, the County Administrative Board may, no later than two month after the first specified date, fix a further date for the entry into effect of the fare schedule, with or without amendments, as determined by the Approval Committee after examination of the appeals.

The Licensing Committee on 5 April 2007 agreed that fare 2 should always be a temporal and half times factor of fare 1 when determining the fare table: for example, if the fare 1 flags were £3.00, the fare 2 flags would be £4.50.

Does value added tax exist on taxis?

It depends on the supplier whether or not the value added tax is levied. That'?s the only one, really. It is the number of places that counts, not the ages of the people. So if you don't have a very large vehicle, the taxis are always standardized (subject to registration, of course).

Does the sales exceed 81000 ?. leonofludesch wrote: It is the number of places that counts, not the ages of people. Saw your questions weren't gonna be answerd. I' ve been answering your questions - the regulations change a few years before your time. I asked it, but after three years of trend?

Strgeg's questions have been replied to.

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