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Face-to-face model to New York finally. Class 60XR Learjet Privat Jet Charter, Sale and lease of privat jets Bombardier's Learjet 60XR Learjet 60XR features enhancements to the 55s and 60s through state-of-the-art cockpit technology, a newly designed interiors, time-to-climb and lower running cost. Bombardier's Learjet 60XR, with a max cruising distance of 2,405 sea mile, offers up to nine seats in a stylish new defined cabine that offers more room and function.

The Learjet 60 was initially designed as a replacement for the Learjet 55 in 1993. It is known for being the first Learjet with a full toilet and a standing cab. Following the delivery of over 300 Learjet 60s, the company upgrade d the plane to the SE variant, which contained all the extra features that were available in the genuine one.

Compared to the SE, the 60-XR is a further enhancement and offers, among other things, a space-saving inner life. In 2006 the first flight of the 60-XR took place and in 2007 it was put into operation formally. The most remarkable enhancements over the Learjet 55 include increased efficiency, dimensions and costs. The power boost is mainly attributable to the turboprop power plants of the PW305, which did not have the predecessor series.

Though it is the last of the Learjet CV's true turbofans, it still claims its place as one of the best choices for a mid-size commercial aircraft. For many travellers, the most remarkable enhancement of the Learjet 1960XR compared to its forerunners is the cabins. It' s 17' 7" long, 5' 10" wide and 5' 7" high cab may not be the biggest in its category, but it is a significant upgrade over its forerunner, considering it is 43 inch longer and 3 inch broader than the Learjet 55 in-line.

Even though the commercial jets have a total of nine passenger capacities, they are optimised to handle seven passenger loads with the highest level of passenger convenience and luxuries. Convenient lounge chairs with first-class quality sofas, lowerable work tables and plenty of leg room form the basis for a truly enjoyable ride. It also offers many enhancements to the interior that include more stowage room to accommodate 59cc of luggage, a bigger cab, customisable layouts and a cabimanagement system that enables the use of electronics performance and steering units.

All in all, the Learjet 60-XR is a significant improvement in every respect. The Learjet 60-XR has two high-performance Pratt & Whitney Canada PWC305A units, each with 4,600 pounds of thruster, giving it significantly more propulsive force than the 55-production. Offering a max cruising distance of 2,405 sea mile, it offers great versatility for travellers looking for personal trans-continental itineraries.

Cruising at a max. cruising rate of 466 ctas, the 60%XR enables the passenger to get to their destination as quickly and effectively as possible. Featuring a high certificated altitude of 51,000 ft, the aircraft is able to avoid most aviation and meteorological situations. The Learjet S60XR combines all these capabilities in a compact price pack and is characterized by an intuitive and effective styling.

Learjet has earned a name for excellence in cost-effective solutions-and the same goes for the 60XR. The Learjet 60XR is the right airplane for you if you are looking for a quick, powerful midrange jet. Select up to 3 planes below to collate them side by side.

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