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The European Aviation Charter

The European Aviation Group - Homepage In cooperation with our own engine and business jet engine business, we offer our customers business and commercial jets and power plants with our own dedicated engine management and spare parts service as well as cabin and seat systems. Established in 1989, European Aviation has evolved into a multinational group of specialised aviation service providers. Bournemouth International Airport's UK service and repairs organization is an EASA Part-145 certified service and repairs organization for Boeing 737s.

We can also provide complete airplane external paintwork and coatings as well as internal modification. Being one of the biggest stockholders of spare parts for aircrafts in Europe, we have an extensive stock program for Boeing 737, 747, 757, 767 and 777 aircrafts. There is also an extensive assortment of spare parts for other airplane models, such as CFM56 power units and CFM56s.

The Interiors Division specializes in the supply of airplane and re-designed airplane aircraft aircraft seat systems with over 10,000 places in inventory for most airplane models. Our best-selling 16G Boeing and Airbus Boeing and Airbus certificated cabin, the B2C is currently used by over 25 carriers.

Besides the provision of seating, we also take over the entire process of your building from the beginning of the design to the actual construction of your new indoor space. GSE is our earth station. All over the world we deliver used and reconditioned soil auxiliaries to airlines, groundhandling and freight forwarding businesses. Currently we have over 500 pieces of flooring tools in store in our own plant 1 kilometer from Indianapolis Aiport.

These include large numbers of airplane push-back tractor vehicles, luggage towers, woolard harness feeders, freight forwarders, airplane refuelling vehicles, de-icing systems, airfield fire-fighting vehicles, air launch and gate control systems.

Remembering the European Aviation Charter

On 30 November 2008, European Aircharter (E7/Bournemouth) had ceased all air charter activities and declared itself bankrupt. She had used several B737-200 in charter traffic. 1-11-510ED BAC G-AVMH (c/n 136) in 'EAL' color scheme, seen in Bournemouth 09Aug2000. One-Eleven BAC (Srs 500EX) G-AWYV (c/n 178) in European Airlines painting, Bournemouth 29May03. The European Aviation Air Charter was an air carrier established in Bournemouth, United Kingdom.

The company provides ad hoc charter operations, as well as V.I.P. charter operations, including touring and sub charter operations, and ACMI wet leasing for other carriers. Bournemouth Airport is the primary hub. The European Aviation Air Charter Limited has a Type A Operating Licence from the UK Civil Aviation Authority. The carriage of passenger, freight and post is allowed on aeroplanes with 20 or more seated places.

The European Aviation Charter began in 1989 as European aviation. Mr Paul Stoddart, head of the European Aviation Air Charter, saw a niche in the charter business for an ad hoc charter company. Aeroplanes were flew over from Australia as their former owners were the Royal Australian Air Force. The European Aviation was originally located in the British Aviation Corporation's former Vickers Viscount and BAC-111 buildings, which operated the carrier.

Since its inception, European Air Charter has operated from Bournemouth International Airports, making it one of the airline's hubs. Airlines were lucrative, so the business extended its operations to other areas such as aircrew education, servicing for other carriers and lease and sale of aeroplanes. By 1993, the company's managing director had decided to change the name from European Aviation to European Aviation Air Charter, or EAC for short. EAC is the European Aviation Air Charter.

As a result, the carrier was able to count travel groups among its charter customers. Until then, the carrier had also purchased the much newer Airbus A300 and the Boeing 737, but never used them. Until 1997 European had also purchased a Boeing 727 aircraft ex OK-TGX. May 2008 saw the announcement that Paul Stoddart had divested its OzJet shareholding to HeavyLift Cargo Airlines, and the 4 B737-200s in the European aircraft fleets were transferred.

Stoddart held 100% of the shares in the company, which employed 270 people in March 2007. One-Eleven BAC (Srs 500EX) G-AWYV (c/n 178) in more happy times, still active: seen in Rotterdam April 1989. In 2001 European Air Charter applied for landing clearance at John F. Kennedy Int'l Airport in New York, Chicago and other US and Canada airports.

Because of the passenger traffic the carrier had planned for each trip to North America, Boeing 747s were purchased, again from British Airways. Altogether 6 former British Airways planes of this kind have gone into operation with the carrier after the issue of the approvals. Even though blacks and silvers became the predominant colours in the airline's paintwork after working with a regular European aviation colour of reds and whites, the carrier recalled some of Braniff's, because after the arrival of the 747s, the airline's paintwork also had routes crossing both the fuselage and the engine of its planes.

The European Air Charter established an alliance with Palmair to provide air travel to Bournemouth for European Air Charter customers to embark on their journey to North America. In 2004, however, European Aircharter began to lose significant amounts of cash and the system for long-haul services was quickly scrapped. Fleet list of JP 2007 Airlines Fleets: Fleet list of JP 2002 Airlines Fleets:

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