Pick up Taxi

Taxi pick up

Taxis are located on the outer curb after leaving the lower level of the airport. Taxi | × × × Timetable for pick-up Requests for travel will be sent directly to our Passenger Services Planning Office and you will receive a verification number within seconds as soon as your journey is sent to us in electronic form. Choose a collection period. Future orders must be placed at least 2 hrs in advanced notice. Would you like a custom built trolley?

Drop-Off Location (departing passengers) >>

Taxis are situated on the outside curbside after leaving the lower deck of the airports. At T.F. Green International Airports (PVD), LYFT provides pick-up and drop-off service for you. Departed passenger may only be set down on the uppermost carriageway "Departure" of the terminals. When you arrive at the LYFT check-in, ask for a trip with the LYFT Travel Pack as soon as you receive your baggage from the baggage claim area on the lower floor of the LYFT check-in area.

LYFT arrivals may only be collected in the area reserved for the TNC. A violet, closed bunker within "Lot D" is situated in the marked pick-up area directly outside the lower arrivals and baggage reclaim section of the terminals. Travellers should take the violet signs outside the lower level of the terminals which will take them to the Lot Germany pick-up point.

Enter travel data

Taxi journey logs in yellows and greens contain boxes for recording pick-up and return date/times, pick-up and return points, routes, detailed tariffs, tariffs, modes of payments and number of passengers declared by the taxi drivers. Travel information has not been compiled by TLC and TLC makes no representation as to the exactness of such information.

Journey recordings for rental vehicles ("FHA") shall contain boxes recording the number of the basic disposition licence and the date, hour and ID of the taxi area ("form file" below). Those datasets are derived from the FHA travel documents provided by the basis. Please note: The TLC will publish the basic journey log information provided by the databases, and we cannot warrant or certify their correctness and integrity.

TLC shall routinely review recordings and take action for enforceability where necessary to secure full and accurate information where possible.

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