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San Diego Air Charter

Down-to-earth San Diego Air Service offers affordable aircraft charter to locations in California, Arizona and Nevada. San Diego is the second largest city in California. Enjoy the simplicity and convenience of a customized San Diego private jet charter service, your most trusted Southern California air charter service. Are you looking for a spacious and comfortable private air charter experience, our San Diego King Air Turboprop business charters have just the thing for you. Find out more about the naval history of the city and board one of the largest aircraft carriers in the world, read more about private jet charter flights in San Diego.

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The San Diego Air Service offers privately chartered airplanes and air freight at reasonable prices throughout California and the West Coast, as well as Arizona and Nevada. Select the comfort of San Diego Air Service. Privately chartered aircrafts you get the luxuries and comfort of the very best way to fly. The San Diego Air Service offers privately chartered airplanes to destinations in the southwest, California, Arizona and Nevada.

Look at our Wherever you need to go, there's sure to be a privately owned airstrip near by. The San Diego service is a better way to get around! South California airports: There are no problems with car parks or shuttles. Sufficient free car parks are available at the charter airfield. Among the company' particular areas of expertise are air freight, air photo capture and airplane logistics.

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If you are looking to book your luxurious accommodation in San Diego, you should take a look at some of these top hotels: San Diego's most beautiful and pleasant sights are its beautiful sandy shores. Smaller, exlusive cruise from San Diego are available from Silversea. We are proud of our art, our cultural heritage and our beautiful weather. The San Diego has hot summer, with temperature usually in the 70'.

August is the hottest of the year with an avarage high of 77.5 Fahrenheit. Winter is temperate to cold, usually in the 1950s, and the coldest months - December - have an avarage min. of 48.9ยบ. Mean San Diego rains are 10.77 inch per year and the wetest months are January with 2.28 inch per year.

King San Diego Air Jet Charter

Featuring a 25,000-foot blanket of coverage, King Air Charter can prevent most kinds of extreme climatic condition and allow you and your passengers to enjoy your flying experience in a productive and undisturbed manner. Instead of flying in a tight space business aircraft, take the advantages of a leading San Diego Air Charter company.

There are no more airlines delaying flights or long queues at the ATC. When you book a King Air Charter trip, you make sure that the carrier is working according to your itinerary. Take complete charge of your corporate air traffic and plan your own Montgomery Field Air charter now.

The Montgomery Field Airport (MYF) is situated in the centre of the Kearny Mesa quarter in San Diego and is the home of more than 600 planes. Maximum duty peak 25,000 Ft. Gross weight 11,800 Ibs.

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