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Noosa Maxi Taxi

Transportation - Sunshine Coast Airport Sunshine Coast Airport has many transportation facilities to and from the airport. Sunshine Coast Airport provides a wide range of hire vehicle hire services, all of which are available in the arrival area of the airport next to the luggage conveyors. The Sunshine Coast Cabs run to and from the airport. Taxis are available in front of the arrival area.

There is a taxi charge of $2.00 for all cabs that pick up travelers from the Sunshine Coast Airport Terminal. Under the Transport Operations (Passenger Transport) Act 1994, taxi operators are entitled to include this $2.00 taxi charge in the price shown on the counter at the end of the journey.

Accommodation at the airports is free of cost. Please contact Suncoast Cabs directly to make a reservation and review any specific accessibility needs for you. Henry's Airporter and Con-X-ion both provide shuttles throughout the Sunshine Coast region. You will find the shuttles at a bus stop on the far side of the arrival area.

Please directly address the shuttles for booking and special tours. If you are visiting Noosa or the North Sunshine Coast, please check Henry's Airporter website or call (07) 5474 0199. If you are visiting the south Sunshine Coast area, please check the Con-X-ion website or call 1300 266 946. If you want to take a stylish trip, we recommend a Google sedan or a Sunshine Coast rental company.

The TransLink company provides a local coach operating through the Sunshine Coast Airport. There is a stop to the right of the arrival area.

Noosa Shire Council (Council of Counties) - Flexible Link

The Council Cabs is an accessible transportation company for: guardians and children of authorized escorts (card or cardholder). When you are ready for the services, Council Cabs will pick you up from your home in the mornings ( from 8.30 a.m., according to the number of passengers) and take you to your nearest mall.

Duty is performed one and a half days aweek in selected areas. See the timetable below for detailed information on services. In order to reserve a taxi, call 1300 139 433 by 12.00 the morning before your journey. When you have a disability, you can make a reservation through the National Relay TTY at 13 36 77.

Should you choose to void your reservation, please call 1300 139 433, preferrably the previous workday. It allows another member of your fellowship to use this one. Please print the Council Cabs Fact Sheet[106KB] and keep it ready for your next reservation and trip preparation. The Council runs a Flexilink test facility between Boreen Point and Tewantin.

It was developed to serve those with restricted transportation capabilities. It will be connected to already available means of transportation for further use. The system is operated on a specific routing on a pre-booked base. If a reservation is made, the Frequency Operator will make three round trips per night, Monday through Saturday, at a rate of $2.00 per adult one-way ticket and $1.00 per child one-way ticket, or at a rate of $1.00 per child one-way ticket.

Please refer to Boreen Point to Tewantin[622KB] for detailed information on routes and schedules. In order to make a Flexilink booking, please call 1300 511 163.

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